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warp, weft, and something about a shed

i made my confession to the public about my inability to sew, here.   it’s been a few months since i acknowledged that i can’t sew and set out to prove myself wrong.  and yet, with several projects under my belt to prove that i can conquer the machine, i broke it.  there is definitely a seamstress curse upon me.
i returned my machine to costco today, and came home and ordered the exact same model off of their website.  why the same machine?  because 3½ months is easily the longest that i’ve ever gone without breaking a machine!  costco’s return policy suits my jinx just fine, so i’ll stick with them until they revoke my membership for too many returned sewing machines.

in the meantime…. i have to be doing something with my hands!  knitting hasn’t really been at the top of my to-do list lately (probably because i’ve been repeatedly knitting the same pattern for ages!) and woodworking isn’t really an option with the midgets wandering around.   some yarn arrived today that has my fingers itching to play with it though, so i’ll be back to knitting real soon, promise.

i ordered my cricket loom sometime last month, but haven’t really had a chance to hang out with it since it arrived because we’ve been travelling or getting ready to travel or i forget about it or whatever.  but today i had the urge to figure it out, so i armed myself with some youtube videos on how to weave, and got to work.

i decided to just use the yarn and scarf pattern that came with the loom.  the colours are pleasant enough and i’m not really ready to go crazy with design just yet.

i’m really enjoying the compactness of my loom, and the fact that it’s all wood (except for the heddle) and how quickly it arrived at my house, but my one beef with the product is how horrible the instruction manual is.  honestly, if not for youtube i would have screamed like a two year old and frantically searched for my receipt to return it.

i made ALOT of mistakes at the beginning of this scarf, but i think i’ve discovered my groove.  the weaving is going incredibly quickly now that the warping of the loom is done, and it’s such a relaxing craft.  i know i can’t make brightly-coloured scarves for the rest of my life and that eventually i’ll have to branch out into motifs and what-not, but for now i’m enjoying the learning experience of something new and really hoping that my seamstress curse doesn’t discover that i intend to sew with the fabric that i weave.

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look at what i got!

one of those pretty little things.  i’ve wanted one for years!  i ordered it from a place in newmarket called Pick Up Sticks, and they gave me free shipping.  i’m so excited for it to arrive– should be here by the end of the week!

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