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kettle corn!

am i the only person in oshawa who fell in love with the kettle corn at super saturday in september?

i actually thought that i hated kettle corn since previous samples had been from a microwave or kernels  (which is usually great, but not their kettle corn!).   but when i saw the pavilion at the fun fair last month i couldn’t resist the smell and decided it deserved another chance.

for the last few weeks i’ve actually done more research on kettle corn than anything else in my life.  i don’t even think that’s hyperbole, school projects included.

i’ve experimented and watched videos intended for kettle corn entrepreneurs, i’ve even interrogated a local popcorn store owner (who made great kettle corn, by the way).

i’ve made batches and batches of popcorn (so thankful for costco stocking orville’s kernels!) and i’m confident that i’ve finally nailed the recipe.

actually, it’s just as much technique as recipe so be prepared to burn a couple of batches.  don’t be discouraged though, once you get this you’ll have it for life!

1/3 cup kernels (spring for quality, they really make a difference!)
3Tbsp corn oil
3Tbsp cane sugar

**don’t start any of this until you have the ingredients measured out and ready, along with some oven mitts and a long-handled wooden spoon.**
1) oil in a heavy-bottomed stock pot over med-high heat.
2) drop 3 or 4 kernels into the oil and wait for the bubbles to form around them.  when the bubbles get feisty throw in the rest of the popcorn and stir with a LONG-HANDLED spoon until the oil gets feisty again.
3) poor in the  cane sugar and stir while using the lid of the pot as a shield (both to keep heat in the pot and protect your face from exploding kernels and hot oil!  trust me, experience talking!).
4) once a couple of kernels pop, get that spoon out of there and clamp the lid on.  put on your oven mitts and start shaking the pot back & forth to stop the sugar and kernels from burning.
5) pay attention to the popping, and when it starts to slow down then remove the pot from the heat and get stirring.  sprinkle on some salt and stir some more– IT’S DONE!!!

if your sugar has gone all dark and stinky, you left it in too long.  if you have a lot of kernels left over, you’ll know you need to leave it on longer the next time.  the next time will likely be as soon as the first batch is done; just call it practicing.  once you have a couple of batches under your belt you’ll be a pro!

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easier #2

thing #2 of this series is a website:

you’ve probably been there.  anytime you google a recipe, this is one of the first sites to pop up.   it’s the biggest cookbook ever written, and if you invest in the pro membership, you get to record any changes that you’ve made to the recipe, right in your recipe box.  way tidier than scratching pen in the margins of a traditional cookbook.  my sisters and i actually split the cost of the membership, so we have a group login and it works out really well.

one of the tricks for success with allrecipes, is using the sort tool to find the best rated recipes.  if you have the time and don’t feel like taking risks with the meal, take some time to read the reviews.  the most-helpful comments are right at the top of the list. also, don’t forget to save the recipe to your recipe box!  it’s so frustrating to have an amazing meal and then be unable to find the recipe again.

another great feature of allrecipes, is the option to search for a recipe by ingredients.  click on the “ingredients” link at the top of the page, and you’ll be given an opportunity to input the stuff you have on hand, and leave out stuff that you just can’t stomach (beans!).

there are a few things that i make and they’re sort of  “joan trademarks” but really, i got the recipes from  here they are!

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one week down

one week of  a new routine and schedule and finding our groove, and only 35 left to go!
i know that i’m way overdue for a bunch of summer posts, but seriously i don’t even know why i have a computer some days because i don’t even get time to turn it on.  i even contemplated the cessation of this site because i don’t have time to invest in it, but writing is therapy to me and i’m my own boss so it’s not like i’ll fire myself if i’m a month between posts, right?  right.

ahem… so i was talking about how crazy life is while we’re trying to find the rhythm of our new places here in time and space.

elliot and anne started school last week, just like the rest of north america.  we started on monday and put in a solid 5-day week.  i’m totally loving the sonlight curriculum, and can’t believe i went two years without it.  shameless plug.

the kids being studious

i had planned to take first day of school pictures of the kids (especially since it was anne’s first day of JK) but blah blah blah, i got busy.  head’s up– i’m going to say that a million times more.  I’M BUSY!   i’m juggling two grades now plus elliot’s in grade one, and that’s WAY more involved than SK was.  i’m not used to this before AND after lunch business, but i see ways of being more efficient with my time once i’m used to what we have to fit into a day.

we’ve had some struggles with discipline, and i said without hyperbole last week that i was ready to throw myself out the window of a tall building.  i take comfort in knowing that every homeschooling newbie like me goes through this and that one day i’ll be the confident experienced mother with perfect doctor children that homeschoolers everywhere look up to.  they’ll whisper my name to one another with awe and wonder and sigh wistfully while saying “i just don’t know how she did it all…”  don’t correct me, it’s the daydream that got me through getting elliot to write a paragraph.

throughout the equally amazing and stressful week i refused to answer the phone, check my email, do laundry or be distracted at all when it was school time.   i used lunch breaks to prep supper and after school i did all the other stuff that the house need me to do, returned phone calls, and even found a few moments to check email.  i totally couldn’t have gotten through the first week of school if derek hadn’t been off of work and so willing and available to help.   i have a good man :)

so by the time friday was here we were all pretty sick of doing stuff.  i mean since the beginning of may we’ve been doing pretty much whatever we want whenever we want and doing it in our pyjamas.  it’s been fantastic and also so hard to come out of.

i hadn’t looked forward to a weekend so badly since i was a student.   friday night i seized the opportunity and prepped 7 bags of chicken pot pie filling to freeze  for future last-minute meals, and an extra lump of pizza dough.  i know, wild friday night, right?    derek and i also made a pizza and ate it while we finished off season 3 of lost, and then he let me sleep for all of saturday morning.    saturday afternoon the kids were so happy to just play in their bedrooms and the playroom, so i pulled out my sewing machine and made throw pillows for my couch.  we ended up spontaneously going to the driving range with hannah & co.  and then picking up fries that night, so i got the perfect day:  tons of sleep, doing whatever i want, a dose of spontaneity and family time, and absolutely no meals cooked by me.  wahoo!

that picture of my pillows makes me laugh because i remember showing the fabric to one of my sisters at the cottage and they were like “oh…. um…. for hallowe’en?”  hahaha… people do that?! decorate their couches for hallowe’en?  sheesh…. it took me a month to finally find time to sew those babies up they’re here long-term.  i love orange!

so anyway… that’s been basically it.  the crazy week where i had to pour all of me into the kids and the routine, and then me letting loose on the weekend.    my creative elliot caught one glimpse of the orange birds and then begged me to help him make a stuffed bird for his stuffed animal collection, so sunday after church we worked together and pulled these out of a hat before i packed up the sewing stuff and cleaned the house in preparation for another week like the last, although hopefully this week i’ll have just one more foot closer to that groove that i keep talking about finding.

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my life in pics