i have 2 kids (elliot and anne), a husband named derek, and a saviour named Jesus.
my husband and i work with an amazing youth group and have made alot of cool friendships there.
i love my birthday.
i’m a yarn geek.
running is thrilling, but my knees don’t like it.
i homeschool my midgets.
i have nothing against uppercase letters; squat-looking words please me.
words and pictures are how i tell stories.
i don’t mind looking like a teenager, but i really think i’m too old for zits.
shoes irritate me.
i really like to bake, but i need to stop eating so much junk- it’s quite the predicament.
i have 5 sisters. we have knitting parties.
nutella makes me weak.
i don’t know why skittles come in resealable packages.
my name is joan.   welcome to my blog.

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