dream job in summary

September 12, 2020 at 22:39 Leave a comment

backstory: we decided to enrol elliot in private school this year, as a way to transition from homeschool to post-secondary education. with the unplanned expense, i started to consider pursuing a job outside of the home.

the process: i realized that i had asked God to take care of the finances, but then began strategizing ways that i could solve the problem myself. there’s a lot of internal struggle and detail there that i’m just going to keep to myself, but please know that it was a personal process, and i don’t look down on anyone who hands out resumes or seeks employment. for ME though, i felt a call to surrender the details to God, and to stop trying to help Him out. so i prayed “God, if you want me to have a job, then please throw one in my face so that i know it’s absolutely what you have planned.”

time passed, the finances sorted themselves out, and i had assumed that was the end of the story. elliot would go to school, i would stay home with anne, and life would chug along mostly the way it always had.

out of nowhere: i received a text asking if i wanted a job. the person asking said they had been praying about who should fill a specific job role, and that “God gave them my name.” i told them i’d pray about it and talk to derek. i think i broke records for how long a human can hold their breath.

where it got crazy: there were a few parameters that i had set: sort of non-negotiables that God and i had agreed upon. (i know that sounds weird, but invest in spending time in prayer and you’ll notice that it’s not a one-way conversation!) i thought there was no way that this job offer would meet my requirements of no evenings, no weekends, and i absolutely was not going to have any conflict with my husband over the decision. but guess what? derek was totally at peace about it, and the hours didn’t even need to be negotiated with my boss. several more details continued to fall perfectly into place.

the irony: God gave me exactly what i prayed for, but only after He’d shown me that the finances were nothing to Him. He’d already taken care of the issue that was the catalyst for my request, before giving me this new adventure.

to summarize: it’s literally my dream job. it’s busy, fast-paced, always changing, and never predictable. i get to work with and for the people i already adore, and it’s challenging and exhausting in the best ways possible. the best part though, is having confidence that this is God’s plan for this season of my life.

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