GGE, part 2

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if the adventures in my last post made you cringe, then i’m sorry/not sorry, because we continued to have more face-palming adventure even after arriving in nova scotia.

our first morning in NS, derek and i decided to go for a run. we’d spent days in the car, and just had a great night of sleep. what better way to explore? damien told us of a great path through the woods, and then went to work. derek and i laced up our sneakers and set off. the path was right where damien said it would be. and then there were more paths, and trees, and paths and trees… it was a bit of a tangle. we ran our 5k, and then started walking back.

i’m not sure at what point we realized we were lost. i mean, i’m pretty much always lost! derek is never lost. we don’t run with our phones, so, not only did we not have maps, but neither of us had memorized damien’s address or phone number.

long story, short (or short run, long): we were thoroughly lost in a strange province with no means of getting back. we walked for so long, looking for familiar landmarks. at one point we asked for help from a kind eastern stranger. he asked where we were going: “um, we don’t know”. he asked where we’d come from: “um, not sure.”

eventually we found a blue barn, which led us back towards the wooded path, which revealed my vibram 5-finger shoe print in the sand. we tracked my strange footprints backwards until 9km of wandering aimlessly after our run later, we found damien’s house.

plus side: the wild blackberries along the path were ripe for the picking and rather sustaining, damien had the best laugh of his life at our expense, and team gilmore became a cautionary tale for all future visitors.

the rest of the visit was more typical: lots of visiting, swimming in the pool, and a few touristy things like visiting the airforce museum, and walking on the ocean floor at lowest tide at a local hidden gem, baxter’s harbour.

i must say, the very best part of our trip was visiting friends. derek and i clearly don’t know how to vacation, but one thing we do right, is to make travelling more about the people than the destination. there’s just no value that can be placed on sustained and continued friendships!

this is my advice from lessons learned in NS:

  • always memorize the address and phone number of your home base.
  • people make the places.
  • locals have better recommendations than google.

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