5 ingredient deodorant

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hello friends!

this post has been a looooonnnnnnggggg time coming!

i gave up deodorant about 10 years ago after reading about all of the disgusting toxins that exist in most commercial brands. i wasn’t into making my own products yet at that point, so i just went without! eventally that became…. hmmmm…. unacceptable. haha. i needed to find a solution without exchanging my health for a social circle.


2 T arrowroot powder (or cornstarch)

1 T baking soda

1 T coconut oil

1 T shea butter

10 drops essential oil (i used orange)

melt the shea and coconut oils in a double-boiler. while they’re melting, measure out the dry ingredients into a bowl or mug. pour the melted oils into the dry ingredients, and mix them well. then add your preferred scent, mix, and pour into your storage container.

oh!!! i want to talk about this: please don’t buy dollar store cheapo plastic containers for all of your potions! the chemicals in the plastic leech into your “natural products”, and basically defeat the purpose of making your own. i use glass jam jars which can be purchased at canadian tire, amazon, or any department store once canning season starts. they’re reusable too!

as for application of the deodorant- yes, you have to actually use your finger to apply it, and it’s not weird. i mean, you already made the deodorant in your kitchen and are storing it in a jam jar– embrace the fact that it’s an alternate form of odour control with alternate forms of application.

as to the efficacy of the product? i love it! otherwise i wouldn’t share it. it doesn’t leave white marks on my dark clothing (apply AFTER getting dressed), and i don’t stink. it’s an “apply once a day and walk away” product.

let me know if you try this! i know several of you have been using my toothpaste recipe with great results, and i love hearing the feedback!

(LOCAL FRIENDS ONLY: as always, if you’re wanting to try this recipe but don’t want to buy the ingredients- just message me and i’ll give you a sample to try.)

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