less is more

September 24, 2015 at 19:40 Leave a comment

this summer we breathed more fresh air, gazed at more stars, hammocked in more trees, and slept on the ground more often than in our beds.  it was an amazing summer to follow a super-full and busy year.  this school year, i am determined to do more summer, less last-year.   

none of the extra-curriculars that we did last year were “bad”, but always rushing out the door didn’t necessarily feel “good” either.  this year i’m practicing saying “no” to many of the amazing opportunities offered to homeschoolers, and “yes” to impromptu rollerblading/scooter rides.

i can’t describe how freeing it is to be able to complete schoolwork each day, and still have time left over for spontaneity.  to look at  the calendar and see entire rectangles of unscheduled day, is the stuff that homeschool magic is made of.


this year we are back to the basics of homeschooling, and basic is so, so good.


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