365 days down

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i meant to write a blog post in august, centred around my clever and witty portmanteau of “painiversary”.  in august, it would have been the one year mark since i had started feeling crippling and arresting pain in my torso, and experiencing narcoleptic fits that ate away my days.  it would have marked one year of long nights and short temper.


as the milestone approached, i realized that the pain that had been my constant companion for so long, had dulled.  and as the milestone got closer yet, i realized that an entire day had come to a close without even a whisper from my companion.  one day in ten turned into one day in 5, then slowly the days of less pain began to outnumber the days full of pain.

so i did not celebrate my painiversary in august.  today however, i WILL celebrate!  today, i celebrate ONE ENTIRE YEAR of following the diet that got me to this place!

so.  365 days without  caffeine, dairy, and severely limited fats.  in lady-terms, that’s 365 days without chocolate, ice cream, or french fries.  as  this year has unfolded, i’ve learned to also cut out soy, egg yolk, red meat, pork, and the thing that i never in a million years thought that i could do without:  gluten  (to summarize: 5-guys bacon cheeseburger).

my “will power” has been much-applauded by friends and family, but will power has nothing to do with it.   let’s take you for example.  this blog post has been too much about me:

you are brushing your hair (random example), and as soon as you finish styling your locks, someone stabs you in the ribs.  then, just for funsies- they continue to stab you in the chest, the back, and then a few more times in your belly for about 2 days after you’ve perfected your hair.  pretty sure that’s not will power that’s going to stop you from brushing your hair when you finally stumble back to the mirror.  in fact, because i know you so well… i’m going to go ahead and deduce that any desire to brush your hair is completely gone.  it’s not will power, it’s self-defense.

it would have been nice to be able to celebrate my pain-free….iversary.  i’m not there yet though.  i still have days where my diet can’t explain the symptoms, and most mornings my belly wakes me up.  the thing about the pain i experience now though, is that i know it’s temporary.  before i cut the irritants out of my diet, i had lost hope of ever feeling “normal” again.

so that’s it! celebrate with me, internet!  by changing my food choices i’ve been able to avoid treatment through prescription drugs, and to experience entire days without pain!



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