no pictures!

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hey y’all.

so a beezajilion of you have asked to see photos of my new haircut, but i’m not going to show you.  inevitably, some of you will see it in person, but it will probably just be peeking out from under a hat.

i was hanging out with my hair stylist sister on saturday, and we had time to kill, so i impulsively asked her to give me a pixie cut.  it was totally a “hold my breath and grab the scissors before i change my mind” moment.  i knew going into it that i could love it or hate it, and it turns out… i hate it.  HAAAAAAAAATE IT.  my sister gave me exactly what was in the picture that i showed her, so it’s no fault of hers; it just wasn’t a good match with my head.

so i won’t do a big reveal.

i will however, tell you some of the fantastic reactions that i’ve experienced:

“wow…….. *awkward silence*….. you cut your hair.”

from children: “you shouldn’t have done that.”

“mommy, now that you look like a boy, you should start wearing pink.”

from my sisters, non-stop comments about the brother they never knew they had.

from my husband after i sneezed: “bless you, my son” (and then laughed his face off).

from my friends, suggestions that i start wearing make up.

all of the above comments were made in good fun, and i totally laughed along with all of them because it’s completely true!  no feelings were hurt here; i look like a boy.  so…. that’s my hair story.  no picture, and hopefully it will grow in quickly.

in situations like these, you gotta look at the positives:

  • i can say that i’ve done short hair and bangs now, and i don’t have to wonder if i should ever get them again.  curiosity=sated.
  • it’s hat season, so i have an excuse to knit more awesome coverings for my head!
  • the memory of my hair will stop anne from ever cutting her hair super short.

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