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June 5, 2013 at 19:26 1 comment

life: she’s busy.  the kids have full schedules between school and their extracurriculars, and since they can’t drive or take the bus yet, that means i’m super-busy.  everything is reaching (or has reached) the end of it’s schedule until the fall, and i’m treasuring each and every blank spot on my calendar!

school: we switched curricula around christmas time, and have been working to fit an entire year’s worth of school into a little more than half of a school year.  there have been days where i felt like a slave driver, but my kids have been troopers and we’re almost there!  tomorrow will be their last “day” of school, with friday being set aside for final tests.  then it’s SUMMER VACATION, baby!

summer:  usually the midgets and i go camping at least every other week.  this summer is so booked with college reunions, family reunions, the kids going to camp, aaannnnd…. OUR EPIC TRIP TO NEWFOUNDLAND!!   

crafts: i’ve sewn and knit and crocheted so much in the last few months, but have shared only a third of it.  there were beach robes, toys, pyjama-eaters, and hats.  busy hands make me happy.

health:  i’m feeling so much better than i did during the winter when i was still going through my diagnoses process!  there are times when i’m so discouraged and frustrated with being in pain every single day of my life, but i feel like i’ve mastered my dietary restrictions, and i’ve lost 15lbs that i didn’t need to be carrying around, so i’ll definitely take that silver lining. 

photography:  for the last few months i’ve been the photographer for some children’s books that are nearing the publishing phase, so i’m excited to finally share that with you, Internet. 

this blog:  i’ve pondered just shutting it down quite a bit over the last few months, but each time i conclude that any demands that my blog makes of me, are just the demands i’m imposing on myself.  so i stopped demanding.  i blog when i blog, and i make no promise to do it regularly! it IS a very good journal of sorts for me though, so i still plan to plug away here, and i appreciate anyone who wants to share it with me. 

ps: our trip to newfoundland is the biggest journey our little family has ever made.  anyone out there with tips for how to travel for several days without loosing your mind??


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tutorial: pants to manly satchel GF/DF apple crisp

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  • 1. Carol  |  June 5, 2013 at 22:12

    Hi Joan,
    When our kids were little and we travelled to Florida, I bought them each their own Rubbermaid boxes (clear boxes and coloured lids) and I bought new books at the half price book store, puzzle books and sticker books at the dollar store, magnetic travel games, a few new to us borrowed movies, colouring books, travel games and I gave them something out of the bins every hour. I didn’t spend much but they looked forward to the hour marks. They also packed some things of their own to play with. we moved them around in the van too. sometimes just that change of scenery helped! We stopped every 4 hrs and that’s how we made it. Newfoundland is a gorgeous province. We have family there! Talk to us if you want to hear any tips…David’s mom is a fountain of information. Are you taking the ferry across? Hope you have a great time!


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