tutorial: pants to manly satchel

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there are other pants-to-bag tutorials online, but as far as i know, this technique is an original.  i’m not up for preamble tonight, so let’s just get to the good stuff!

beforeisha word about pant choice: look for straight legs!  also pants made out of thinner fabrics. we eventually sew through several layers at a time with this technique, so avoid the denim!  pockets aren’t essential, but they’re free “oopf” for your finished project, and are referenced many times in this tutorial.

step one:  cut above the pocket.  make sure that you leave plenty of room above the pocket, because as you’ll see in the next step, we need to have room to sew up there.

inside out isntime to flip the leg!  turn the pant leg inside out, but not all the way (top left).  then you’re going to take the hem of the pants, and fold it over, enclosing the cut raw edge inside.  did that make sense?  try it– it’s not as confusing as it sounds!  then sew the top fold down (so you’re sewing around the very bottom of the hem of the pants, just above the top of the pocket).

at this point you have a tube, with the right sides of the fabric (camo, in this case) on the inside and outside of the tube.

turn the tube inside out!  the pocket is now on the inside of the tube.  go ahead and sew up the bottom so i can stop calling this bag a tube!

sew the bottom

boxing the bottom!  so fun to say, so fun to do.  use these pictures for reference:

box the bottomtop left: cut out a square on both bottom corners.  mine is about 1.5 x 1.5.  to save measuring on the second corner, use the waste square and trace it.
top right: open up that square!
bottom left: and pinch it against the bottom.
bottom right: sew up that corner!

at this point i like to give everything a nice crisp ironing.  the new seams relax, and the box-bottom is more defined.  ps: YOU’RE DONE THE HARD STUFF!


beltthe strap!  i actually don’t have a lot of pictures here, but it’s not difficult!  cut off the buckle, and sew the belt ends into the inside of the bag.  BAG!  YOU MADE A BAG! official!

finished bagyou can customize this bag with any pants, and any belt.  elliot uses his to hold his bible, shares, and club book.  it’s way manly!

if you use this tutorial or have any questions, please let me know! i’d love to see the finished product.  also, i don’t need two of these bags.  i made the first one for elliot, and the second one to show you how it was done.  the second bag is for sale for $10- just msg me if you want it!

update: the bag sold possibly less than a minute after i posted this.  sorry!


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