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this week was wonderfully full!  lots of time with friends, and lots of time with my family.

there’s no denying that when i started instagramming, my blog posts became less frequent.  instagram IS blogging!  so if you follow me on there, and you follow this blog, then i apologize for the repeats, but i really only have one life so there’s bound to be duplicates.

let’s get to it!

a girls night is just what you need sometimes, y’know?   a night to just kick back,  eat good food, and laugh your face off.  i have great friends!

dreamy dateand sometimes you just need a date night!  actually i could pretty much ALWAYS use a date night with my awesometastic husband.  shawarma from pita deli guarantees a great time.  and fyi: i ate all of my shawarma, and i ate it before derek finished his.  i’m a machine!

bananadates with anne always make my heart melt into goo.  so much love for this girl!  check out her fashion sense and her little thumbs-up.  she actually picked this shot out of the many we took as her favourite.  while elliot was at a friend’s  house, the chickorita and i went skating.  she took a big a fall on her hip, but after some time on the bench with a first aid kit, she was back on the ice battle-crying “because i have determination!!!!”  the declaration may or may not have been influenced by the He-man and She-ra marathons going down in this house lately –“i have the power!”

coin jars

how do you guys give your kids opportunities to earn money?  we did for a while, but got out of the habit of using it somehow.  about 6 months ago we decided that the kids needed to take things up a notch responsibility wise (like turning off lights, or flushing the toilet…simple but necessary life skills), so we came up with the coin system.  every time they do something they’re supposed to do (hey, you hung up your coat!) without being asked to do it first, they get a penny in their jar.  they have a chance to earn more than 1¢ if i ask them to do a special job (change the laundry loads for me, empty the dishwasher….) but i pay them in pennies.  at the end of the week they count out “one for God, 9 for me” and take their tithe to church or clubs, and the remaining total gets written down on my phone/”bank account”.  then we start all over again the next week.  it’s been working well for us, as it’s a small reward for doing what’s right, a way to earn money for going above expectations, and ways to learn to tithe and save.
this week i decided that their boring old mason jars had proven their effectiveness, and could handle a more permanent look.  so i banged some slots into the tops, and modpog’d some colour onto them.

foodcollageit can’t all be playing with friends and dates with family! i woke up this morning (i use the word “morning” quite loosely here) and decided that i wanted to be productive!  i had made pretzles for a fondu party that we went to last night, and elliot was crazy about them!  unfortunately for him, i took them out of the house and he had to be content with cereal for supper.   so i made some more today, and while i was at it i decided to make tortillas, ice cream, and fudge.  some people were asking for recipes for these things, so here’s a list:
dairy-free, sugar-free strawberry banana ice cream (which tasted amazing!)
mall pretzles
tortillas (i use my mom’s recipe, but here’s a similar one)
terry’s chocolate orange fudge (i used my mom’s toblerone fudge recipe, but used a different chocolate treat).

there’s my week!  it was busy, but not too.  full, but not over.  and the time was quality, which is really the only way to spend it.


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