i’m getting what i deserve

December 15, 2012 at 09:31 1 comment

when i was a kid i loved christmas, because i loved sneaking and snooping!  i totally turned into a super spy as soon as the christmas tree went up, and i spent tons of time looking under beds and into the backs of closets.  i’d unwrap gifts and expertly rewrap them to keep my misdeeds secret.  sometimes i’d take a toy out of its packaging and play with it for a while,  before sealing it back up until christmas morning.

i was so good at my surprise face.

when elliot announced that he’d been snooping in my studio the morning after i’d stayed up late sewing gifts, my surprise face was authentic.

he had been so extremely close to finding his gift!  i listened, horrified, as he told me all about the “half used bag of stuffing” that he’d found and “the cut up pieces of felt” that he discovered INCHES away from the blanket that his gifts were hiding under.

after i’d picked my wits back up off the floor and quickly wrapped the gifts that he had almost found, it dawned on me that my kid was MY kid.  oi.

some of you have heard me complain about how elliot found his kindred spirit in the calvin and hobbes comics a couple of months ago.  he’s had his best friend “cheetah” since he was one, and the calvin & hobbes characters are such a perfect fit for the two of them.

boy and catlook how little my boy is there!  also how stuffed cheetah is.  elliot has loved cheetah from the moment he received him, and they’ve done absolutely everything together!  so when eli read calvin and hobbes for the first time and realized that there was “another” kid just like him with a stuffed-yet-real pet cat, and a HUGE sense of mischief, he was hooked.  it wasn’t long before anne became “suzy” and water guns were being squirted all over the house.  he drew pictures of nagoobians, and i think he said i was an alien?

as much as i don’t enjoy elliot going crazy mcnachos and emulating calvin, i do realize that it is partly my fault.  i didn’t read calvin & hobbes when i was a kid, but i’m pretty sure i didn’t need any help with my impishness  (i once tried to convince my youngest sister to jump off of the railing of a second story deck because “you’re really adopted, and your alien parents are here to bring you home, but you just have to believe and jump first”).  it’s pretty clear to me that i’m getting back what i gave to my parents and sisters (and friends, and teachers, and babysitters).    so this christmas i’m super excited to give elliot this:

elliotcheetahfinallllllit’s just a small print in a frame for his bedroom, but it’s a picture of friendship, love, and imagination.  it’s also a sign from me to him that i accept him with all his crazy amounts of mischief.

i know my exasperated mother said more than once “i hope you have a kid just like you!” and i’m so glad that i do!



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christmas! i’ve got a reputation to maintain

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