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November 17, 2012 at 21:50 Leave a comment

when i announced that i was going to cut my hair, there was a lot of feedback.  seriously,  who knew y’all cared so much?

as promised, here are some before & after pics.  mostly before, because i’m horrible at posting pictures of myself, and it’s much harder to hide my face when i’m showing off the short hair.that’s the long stuff!

and that is why i NEVER wore it down.  do you see how far it goes!  it was madness!

i mean, i get that long hair is beautiful and difficult for some people to obtain, and therefore i’m a nut job for wanting to get rid of it all.  totally understandable.  i did enjoy having long hair.  at least once a week a stranger would compliment me on my hair length, and the long braid was a very useful weapon (and fly-swatter) from time to time.  however i find that most people don’t know what it’s actually like to experience long hair woes, so lemme give you a few of my gripes:

  • burning the end of my braid on the gas stove was almost a weekly occurrence.
  • discovering that i’d accidentally tucked my hair into my pants.  awkward.
  • hair getting stuck in the car door,
  • … house door,
  • … cupboard door.
  • hair getting sat on by the person next to me.
  • hair being used as a leash (yeah, that NEVER got annoying!)
  • having to braid it every single night before going to bed.
  • and my biggest complaint:  never being able to wear it down because of the aforementioned consequences.

however, since i did this:

i’ve been able to:

  • wear my hair down
  • put on my coat/sweaters/backpacks/camera bag painlessly.  nothing getting stuck in zippers or underneath straps.
  • wash my hair with the teeny tiniest amounts of shampoo…
  • …and showers take like, A MINUTE!
  • feel air on my neck?
  • i stepped on the scale and was down 3lbs.  woot!
  • and mailing off the 24 inches of braid to be made into wigs, felt pretty fantastic too!

if you uncurl the end of the braid, it reaches the 24.  i can measure!

ps: hair done by my fabulous sister, desiree.  she’s a stylist in niagara and i’ll hook you up if you’re looking for someone!


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