pintrest, and photographing toddlers

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i had the privilege of photographing my little sister and her family again, just a few weekends ago.   like hundreds of others, my sister had seen adorable family poses all over pintrest, and had expectations of duplicating those shots.  i’ll be the first person to throw my hand into the air when someone asks “who loves pintrest?”, but really, it’s a horrible place for getting one’s expectations up!

after several somewhat unsuccessful poses, i eventually got my unconfrontational self to offer this advice:  stop posing.  smiling for the camera is always a great idea, but choreographing shots with toddlers who are bursting with curiousity and the desire to explore, is never NEVER never going to work!

let the kids explore, let their smiles be genuine smiles of wonder and excitement.

capture their goofy smiling stage

let every moment of their childhood be captured accurately, not in imitation of someone else’s.

there is value in arranging and framing shots, to be sure, but what this amateur photographer has found best for capturing the moments with little ones, is to simply let them be.

ps> location: botanical gardens in niagara falls
pps> more photo shoots with this family are here and here.


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