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i’ve developed a bad habit.  or maybe i’ve broken a good habit.  once upon a time there was a girl who took photos of all the items that she crafted, and then she’d post them on the internet for all to see.

this same girl no longer knits/crochets/sews for herself,  and is always racing a deadline for a commissioned project.  there’s no time for setting up shots when you’re literally finishing the project in the van on the way to delivering it.

i DO have one thing to show though.  well two.  one i feel obligated to give you closure on: it’s the minion, and i really truly finished him on the drive down to niagara to deliver him to a friend and her little boy.

he’s life-sized, and i had a lot of fun making him wave at the cars as they slowly drove past us in congested traffic.  i also had the privilege of seeing him presented to the 2 year old birthday boy, and my heart almost melted into goo when i saw them wrestling together!  it was kind of hard to see the minion go, but seeing him get received was so worth it.

second on the “i made this” list:

once upon a time, that girl also used her good camera instead of the lame-o cell phone cam.

the kids have been doing a very small amount of school this summer to keep their brains sharp and to make sure i’ve covered all of the canadian curriculum bases.  elliot would disagree on the “very small amount” description, but it’s only half an hour out of his otherwise empty day.  to help the kids stay on track, they’re offered small rewards for each month of “extra school” that they finish.  elliot wanted this.

he calls it the “sea-pea”, and it belongs with all of the other plants in plants vs zombies, but the game developers didn’t think of it.  all i had to go on was the picture that he drew for me, and i’m really hoping that it meets his expectations!

there have been other projects that i haven’t photographed, and i’m currently working on a few different projects.

elliot’s birthday is in 5 days, and there’s an angry bird that he’s hoping to receive.  i’ve also been in touch with a photography company in niagara and they’ve asked me to make 4-6 infant hats for photo props, so my hands are going to be busy over the next few weeks.

hopefully i’ll remember to take pictures of that stuff with the nice camera.  speaking of nice camera….  here’s what the photographers in niagara (absolute image) did with the other photo props (here and here) that i made for my friend’s new baby.

definitely motivation to break out the nice camera and be intentional! anyone have a baby i can borrow?)




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