picnik replacement

April 14, 2012 at 11:35 Leave a comment

i blogged a while ago about the pixelmater program available for macs, and blahblahblah’d about how it could replace the picnik website that google bought-out. i’m still having fun with that program, but not everyone has a mac and not everyone wants to learn how to use new software either.

i stumbled across picmonkey today, and it’s just like picnik! yay! i very briefly played with the textures and effects, and took my desktop wallpaper up a notch.


i’m excited to upload some actual photos and see the awesomeness that comes out of this website.

at this point all of the features are free, but i get the impression that a paid version will be forthcoming, just like picnik premium.

enjoy playing with your pictures!


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dorky flyer, but come anyway! breakfast

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