dorky flyer, but come anyway!

March 30, 2012 at 22:05 Leave a comment

my sisters and mom and myself are in a craft show tomorrow!  it’s our first, and we’re starting out small, but if you’re in the grimsby area on saturday then please stop by!  here’s the flyer that they’ve asked us to circulate.  i planned on taking some pictures of my wares, but i’ve been too busy making them!  here’s the dorky flyer!  hope to see you there!


Entry filed under: crafts, crochet, knitting, niagara, sewing, sisters.

Anne’s compelling argument picnik replacement

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my life in pics

3 different types of wool and several froggings later- i finally have my finished star stitch pouch! great pattern by @allaboutami! mistakes aside- i'm happy to have a proper home for my tombows. swipe left to see pics of my creative kids joining me for a crafty afternoon!
#crochet #tombowusa getting ready for a tasty girls' night! 
#sushi #butcooked one of the biggest and unexpected blessings of youth ministry, is having former youth kids turn into adults who invest in my own children. so thankful to have the amazing @sarahpowerscyr for a violin teacher.

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