getting ready for february

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i’ve been kind of quiet on the self-improving theme of this month, and i’m not really sure why.  it’s possible that it’s because i didn’t wait for january to start before i began, or it’s possible that it was such an obvious theme that it didn’t need to be said.

today marks day 24 of exercising and drinking 2L of water every single day.  i hate the cliché new years resolution thing, but by the time december was halfway over i was dreading the thought of trading jogging pants for jeans each day.  i didn’t feel comfortable in my clothes, and i was too afraid to step on a scale.   eventually i snapped and had the following crazy-person conversation with myself:

“you’re eating like crap and you need to exercise.”
“but everyone does healthy month in january, and i hate doing what everyone else does.”
“you’re wearing your overalls.  the ones you wore when you were pregnant.”
“yeah but the holiday schedule isn’t co-operating right now.”
“the holiday food isn’t co-operating right now.”
“i’ll start in  january.”
“that’s what everyone else does.”

and that very day i drank 2 litres of water and threw on the 30 day shred video.  i haven’t stopped since, and i’m so glad that i talked myself into it.  i know i’ve never been a huge person, but i could totally make myself one if i’m not in control of the habits i’m forming.

it’s also helpful that some friends and i have started swimming together once a week, and that my kids have homeschool activities at the gym that give me an hour of exercise time all to myself.   so i’ve got the non-stop shred, the swimming, elliptical, and let’s not forget that winter has finally arrived, so clearing my massive driveway has also played a role.

so that’s decemberish/januaryish/rest of my lifeish, and i’ve got a great project planned for february that i think will appeal to most of you.

my house needs a bit of work.  i’m one of those people that can put a basket of laundry on the floor, and after walking past it a couple of times, the basket becomes invisible to me.  i’ve got half-patched holes in the walls, and half-renovated rooms.  i’ve got plans for the spaces in my house, but there’s no action on my part to see them through.

so february’s project is starting early, because it’s a project that requires some prep.  first step is taping a piece of paper to a wall in each of the rooms of this house.  then i’ll tie some twine around a pencil and tape that to the paper as well.  it won’t look pretty, but that’ll probably motivate me to finish up this task well.  on each paper, i’ll start making a list of things that need to get done.  for example, in my living room i’ll have “put artwork on the wall”, “patch and paint holes”, “organize shelves”, and i’m sure the list will grow as i start looking around for things to fix.

once february hits, i’ll be committing half an hour each day to getting each item checked off of the list.

tonight i spent an hour on my computer, and when i looked at the clock and realized how long it had been, i couldn’t even recall what i’d been doing.  my friends, i do not like to waste time!  time is something that can never be earned back once it is spent.  so february will be dedicated to using my time wisely, and i’m really looking forward to the results of this one!

who’s in?

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