two thousand and…really?

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i promised that an entry about the sister sleepover was coming, but i don’t want to write about it!  and i don’t want to write about christmas, and the idea of sorting through photos to convey either story just exhausts me.  i’m certain that i’m not the only blogger ever to just want to move on.  the holidays were certainly fantastic and i have nothing to complain about, it’s just that in less than 10 hours it’ll be a new year, and all i want to do is look forward, not back.

2012 doesn’t seem possible.  i still feel like the new millennium just started, and that vehicles made in the 90s are still “fairly new”.  i feel like i’ve been staying still while time has flowed past me depositing a husband, 2 children, a mortgage and a few wrinkles into my life while collecting loved ones and things and continuing on it’s unstoppable path.   i have an odd, detached feeling from my memories, as though i fell asleep when i was 24 and woke up 9 years later still waiting for my eyes to adjust to the brightness of the room that is my “now” life.

do you ever stare at an old person and wonder about them?  i do.  because i’m realizing that any random 80-year-old has this in common with me:  we were both young and full of dreams, and then we blinked and woke up with all of those dreams fulfilled.  we are all 24 year olds wearing the mask of a tired body.

so this new years i’m feeling a little introspective, a little surprised, a little overwhelmed, and a lot thankful for the experiences that have come my way, despite the speed with which they happened.  i will continue to live my life in 2012 as i’ve endeavoured to live for as long as i can remember:  no regrets.  cherish every moment.  show Jesus.  and hopefully when the unfathomable year of 2022 or 2032 come around, i will be able to say these exact same words.


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the christmas project parade for Jenn

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