christmas gifts that i’m excited about, and a little update

December 8, 2011 at 12:44 1 comment

do you guys remember this toy?!?!  i spent hours and hours playing with it when i was a kid, and i was so delighted to find it on the scholar’s choice website!  i scored one for each of the kids’ stockings, and i’m really hoping that they’ll let me have a turn!

another toy that i grabbed during their midnight madness sale was this:

now normally i would have clicked past this girl, but i’m totally going Sid (from toy story 1) and altering this doll into her:

into the girl with skulls and thorns, not the girl with the impractical shoes.

anne has two dolls that are the same size & plushness as pinky-mcgirly in the first photo and i was really hoping to add astrid to her club of “girl characters from movies she likes”.  unfortunately, the only astrid dolls that i could find were small plastic models… so not hip enough to play with her at bed time.

i’ve been a bit absent lately, because i’m working really hard to get all of my handmade gifts and commissioned gifts done before my deadlines.  i’m not really as on-target as i planned to be, but i still think i can get stuff done in time.  my wrists have been protesting the schedule that i set up for them (crocheting & knitting stuff done first), so i’ve been mixing stuff up a bit to stave off carpel tunnel syndrome.   what this means is that a little bit of each thing done, and at some point i’ll  look around me and be wow’d that everything is finished all at once.

i’ve also been 100% successful at going to bed with a clean house every night as stated in our terms of agreement for the month of december.  i’ve recently discovered the overdrive app for my ipod,  which is a huge motivator.  the app allows me to download audiobooks straight from overdrive (through my library card) so i’ve been listening to the hunger games trilogy while i make my house glisten.  sometimes i regret my choices for self-bettering month, but this month has been really good for me!  waking up to clean counters and clean laundry in our dressers has been its own motivation as well.

besides the cleaning and the crafting, there’s been homeschool, karate, dance class, swimming lessons, time in at the gym, youth group, library clubs, church, kids’ choir, christmas shopping, investing in friendships, and now i can add blogging back onto the list.


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one month project one order done!

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