despite my denial, christmas is coming.

November 18, 2011 at 21:22 Leave a comment

children, listen up.   christmas is coming.  i keep thinking that it’s too early, and indeed november first was DEFINITELY too early for stores to start putting up the holiday bling.  however, november 18th is pretty close to november 25th.  and november 25th is only one month away from the big day.  not only that, but it’s officially less than one month before i celebrate the lebrun christmas! that means that i have a lot of sewing/crafting to do before the big gift exchange.   are you catching my urgency here?  christmas IS coming.  in fact, i’m going to take a leap and say it:  WE’RE IN THE CHRISTMAS SEASON.

this evening i made a list of all of the items i have to make, and it was a little daunting.  then i decided not to rely on “finding” time to get all of the projects done, and “made” time on the calendar.  confession: i can take on nothing more.

i updated my “things i make with yarn” photo album on facebook last week, and since then i’ve been receiving requests for christmas gifts not for me or mine.  i took on most of them thinking “what’s one more?” and after scheduling everything on the calendar tonight, i realize that there will be no more until after christmas.  it truly is flattering to have all of these requests for my creations though, i’m just going to be responsible about it so that everyone who gets something made by me gets something made with quality.

a sure sign that it’s the christmas season is when i start making lists and scheduling this stuff!  definitely not the way i usually operate, but the scheduling thing has certainly removed the stress of feeling overwhelmed.  and really, it’s not even december yet.  it’s still november, or moveber as the fella’s are calling it these days:

moustached elliot.


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i lied, trust me. quality

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