i lied, trust me.

November 15, 2011 at 22:20 Leave a comment

i said that this would be the last post about the cat.  that’s where i lied.  i really thought i was telling the truth, but decided that those of you who were following along with the cat story might like some closure.

it’s no secret that i hated percy.  he persisted in sitting on my lap no matter how many times i removed him from it.  he ate my yarn while i crocheted or knitted.  he jumped onto my sewing pattern pieces the second i laid them on the fabric and began cutting.  he climbed into the baking cupboard every time i reached in to grab the bin of flour.   all very extremely annoying traits, but i could deal with them because my kids loved the cat so so so much.

notice the past tense?

when we got percy from the animal shelter he was sick, and docile.  he seemed to be the cuddly cat that elliot had dreamed of, except that if the kids got too close he would bite them.  we figured this would go away in time, but instead it intensified.  as percy got healthier his temper gained life and he began to lash out at the little ones.  over the last 2 weeks it reached a climax where the cat would jump up onto anne unprovoked, and bite her.  so not cool.

aside from that, he started peeing all over my house.  i cleaned that litter box 3 times a day, so there’s no way that people can give me the “oh well sometimes cats don’t use their box if it’s too dirty” defence.  are you kidding me?  the thing i hate most about cats is their smell!   the final straw was when percy peed on my bed.   nobody messes with my favourite sleeping location.

so he’s gone.  saturday morning derek took percy back down to the animal shelter where he could scratch and bite with the other cats and pee wherever he wanted to.  elliot was definitely heart-broken over the whole thing, but he’s recovered quite well.  he’s learned the lesson that God gives, and God takes away.  he’s trying his hardest to appreciate the time that he had with the pet cat that he was never supposed to own.  it’s actually been a good lesson for me as well.

so this time when i tell you that i will never write about percy again, i’m telling you the truth, and you can trust me because he’s really truly gone and never coming back!


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software i like despite my denial, christmas is coming.

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