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i recently had the opportunity to take some fall pictures of our friends stephan & jenn (and marley).  it was a fun day, and the weather was absolutely perfect and cooperative.

derek was at work, so the midgets came along to be the “junior photographers”, and elliot especially took his job very seriously.  in fact, he suggested a pose for the couple and then told me to “get out of his shot”!

anne & elliot rotated between using my ipod touch and the adventure cam while i stuck with my trusty T1i.  i loved getting all of the different perspectives onto my computer later that day, because although the kids knew we were photographing stephan & jenn, they took advantage of capturing the beauty all around them, and i found several photos of rocks, streams, and autumn leaves.

and although i knew who the subject of my lens was to be that day, i could not resist capturing this shot of my little girl photographing the autumn colours.

thanks for a great day, jenn!


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