kettle corn!

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am i the only person in oshawa who fell in love with the kettle corn at super saturday in september?

i actually thought that i hated kettle corn since previous samples had been from a microwave or kernels  (which is usually great, but not their kettle corn!).   but when i saw the pavilion at the fun fair last month i couldn’t resist the smell and decided it deserved another chance.

for the last few weeks i’ve actually done more research on kettle corn than anything else in my life.  i don’t even think that’s hyperbole, school projects included.

i’ve experimented and watched videos intended for kettle corn entrepreneurs, i’ve even interrogated a local popcorn store owner (who made great kettle corn, by the way).

i’ve made batches and batches of popcorn (so thankful for costco stocking orville’s kernels!) and i’m confident that i’ve finally nailed the recipe.

actually, it’s just as much technique as recipe so be prepared to burn a couple of batches.  don’t be discouraged though, once you get this you’ll have it for life!

1/3 cup kernels (spring for quality, they really make a difference!)
3Tbsp corn oil
3Tbsp cane sugar

**don’t start any of this until you have the ingredients measured out and ready, along with some oven mitts and a long-handled wooden spoon.**
1) oil in a heavy-bottomed stock pot over med-high heat.
2) drop 3 or 4 kernels into the oil and wait for the bubbles to form around them.  when the bubbles get feisty throw in the rest of the popcorn and stir with a LONG-HANDLED spoon until the oil gets feisty again.
3) poor in the  cane sugar and stir while using the lid of the pot as a shield (both to keep heat in the pot and protect your face from exploding kernels and hot oil!  trust me, experience talking!).
4) once a couple of kernels pop, get that spoon out of there and clamp the lid on.  put on your oven mitts and start shaking the pot back & forth to stop the sugar and kernels from burning.
5) pay attention to the popping, and when it starts to slow down then remove the pot from the heat and get stirring.  sprinkle on some salt and stir some more– IT’S DONE!!!

if your sugar has gone all dark and stinky, you left it in too long.  if you have a lot of kernels left over, you’ll know you need to leave it on longer the next time.  the next time will likely be as soon as the first batch is done; just call it practicing.  once you have a couple of batches under your belt you’ll be a pro!


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