i love “i told you so” moments, but only when i get to say it.

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elliot insists that he never sleeps.  every morning he tells me “i didn’t sleep last night, i haven’t slept for days.”    my rebuttal is always the same: “elliot, i checked on you last night before i went to bed, and you were unconscious.”   sometimes i talk to my sleeping boy or kiss his cheek or do something to make sure that he’s really asleep, so that i have further proof when morning comes.   still he contends, and then boasts that he could stay awake ALL night.  so when he started going on about it again on friday, i said “fine.”


“fine.  you can stay up all night.  but if you fall asleep while you’re trying to stay awake, then you can never ask to stay up late again.”


so last night of course, i was ready to die at 9:00.  i’m usually good to go until around 2am, but last night was tough.   derek and i watched scary dr.who episodes with elliot (trying to show him that he doesn’t want to stay up!), then i opened my crochet school videos and worked on that for a bit while elliot practiced his french knitting (corking). somewhere after that elliot entered the giddy over-tired phase, and  there was a period of time where my yarn from my crochet was being thrown to the cat to play with and elliot was sitting on my head laughing his face off and calling me a “society” and then bursting out “hahah! i don’t even know what a society is!!!”.  giddy turned into obnoxious then turned into “let’s watch a movie” and insisting “i can stay up all night”, but it was less like a boast and more of an encouragement to himself.

i fell asleep two-thirds of the way through hoodwinked, and woke up as the credits were rolling.  elliot was “wide” awake, so i put on another video and crashed again.  derek woke up when the credits rolled on that one, and thankfully— elliot was asleep!  yay!

wow, i was pretty worried when i saw how alert he was at 2:30 am.   this was only good parenting if we won, of that i was convinced!   PHEW!

this morning he didn’t sleep in, at least not as much as i would expect a boy with a 3am bedtime to sleep in.

then, while the kids were watching sweet pea beauty just a few minutes ago,  i found this:

no doubt he’ll insist that he didn’t sleep, but this time i have his sister as a witness and photographic evidence to back me up.  i may throw in a kiss on the cheek as well.  y’know… just to back up my argument.


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birthday throwdown graduated… i think.

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