birthday throwdown

October 19, 2011 at 22:25 1 comment

i love birthdays a lot, but especially i love MY birthday!

on monday morning i woke up a little when derek and the kids woke up, but even though it wasn’t a fully-legit-wake-up, i was awake just enough for my brain to scream “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!” at me.  from that point on i lay in bed simultaneously trying to sleep in while trying to decipher the muffled sounds of derek & the kid’s birthday prepping:

groggy voice: “go to sleep, it’s your birthday.”
inner child: “it’s my birthday!!!”
groggy voice: “it’s your day to sleep in”
inner child: “did you hear that? i think of of them said ‘birthday!'”

eventually i gave up and called to elliot (who was in the next room) and that kicked off  a birthday session of wrestling, tickling & cuddling with my two precious midgets.   out of nowhere, suddenly sarah and ryan (two teens from the youth group) were standing in my bedroom above the pile of children, blankets, and my messy head, singing happy birthday to me (and harmonizing, too!).  it felt like a monty python moment!

after that the birthday day took off.  corn pops for breakfast (with absolutely no healthy cereal mixed into it!), visit with s&r, visit with the in-laws, giftsgiftsgiftsgifts, surprise family outing to a local thai restauraunt, and then a grocery store so derek could buy me a cake:

funniest conversation ever between derek and i:
“what kind of cake do you want for your birthday?”
“oh, i’ve had it saved to my computer for months!  it’s a chocolate, peanut butter cake- i’ll just find the recipe!”
“um, my cake repertoire is a bit limited.  no fancy internet cake for you.”

but he DID bake me one!  and it tasted delicious, like  a jos. louis.

he also bought me a case of A&W rootbeer, some bimbo movies, and a serger.  i’m officially my mother.  some other gifts include a photography book (which i’m reading and enjoying, jenn!) and cookies, buttertarts and other delicious treats.  my mama emailed me a knitpicks gift card, and my inlaws gave me skittles and the money to buy my JEM DVDs!!!!  sooo excited for those.  jem is truly outrageous! can’t wait to have them in my possession!  anne will love them, and i’m going to have a party.  we will wear leg warmers and eat pink star-shaped cookies and be the biggest nerds of all time.  … it’s going to be awesome!

sounds like a pretty fantastic day, right?  it totally was!  i even made up for the lack of sleeping in by having a quality nap on the couch for a huge portion of the afternoon.  i have very good reasons for loving my birthday!


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this week in pictures i love “i told you so” moments, but only when i get to say it.

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  • 1. Julie  |  October 24, 2011 at 15:09

    Can I come for the Jem-a-thon?!


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