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really, there hasn’t been much this week beyond me plowing through the highly addictive hunger games series.  we’ve done a weak version of school, and i’ve worked on my crochet class, but when i’m not reading these books i’m thinking of these books.  totally not my fault.  if you read the books you’ll believe that.  i started on tuesday and will definitely be done by sunday.

i took a break from reading on thursday to take elliot to his library club.  on the way home i thought i’d stop at bulk barn to grab some gummi bears to share with my girls at youth that night, and in my haste to turn down the right street i neglected to see a car in my blindspot.  he honked, i braked, but not before i’d slammed into the side of his car.   thankfully nobody was hurt, not physically.  my pride didn’t like the situation very much.  elliot said “the van looks like an elephant stepped on it”, and i thought that was an accurate description.

thankfully, the guy that i hit was very gracious about the whole thing.  today i went for a drive (to pick up book 3 of the hunger games trilogy from a friend) and i was so so so so cautious on the road.  i’m sure i irritated everyone behind me.

this weekend is my last weekend as a 32 year old!  i plan to celebrate by devouring the last book in the trilogy and taking delight in watching the suspense (how does it end!) disappear as the productivity around my home returns.




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