how to plan a pokémon party

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there wasn’t a lot of time to organize elliot’s pokémon party, but with the help of the internet and the kids we pulled it off.   here are some of the details in case anyone else out there is frantically googling “easy pokémon party” for their little one.

  • decorations:
    -streamers!  they’re the easiest thing ever, and if you pull them from the centre of the coil, they’re already twisted and fancy-looking.  it just requires tape and a sturdy chair to stand on before your house is ready to jump.
    -balloons! the second-easiest decoration.  seriously, streamers and balloons in a themed colour are transforming.  the kids enjoyed drawing circles and stripes on each balloon to give them a pokéball look.
    -printed and painted pictures, thanks to google images.  i filtered the results so i had only large images, and printed them poster-style (which you can only do on a PC, apparently- so much for my superior mac!).  then i taped them together and the kids and i painted them together.  here’s the trick for making them look more polished:  sharpies!!  i love sharpies! once the paint is dry, trace the outline of your pokémon.  we hung these colourful pokémon on all the walls along with a print out of their name and some info on each one.
  • games:
    -elliot wanted carnival-ish games, so using one of the above paintings, we played pin the flame on the charmander.   not a lot to say about that one, i cut the flame off of charmander and we used it.  ta.da.
    -there was also a jar full of gummibears, and we pretended they were pokémon.  i put some black ribbon around the jar and taped a white circle with a black border on top of the ribbon.  there’s no picture, but it’s basically the strip & button that’s on a pokéball.  the kids had to guess how many pocket monsters were in the jar, and they were surprisingly great estimators!
    -bobbing for pokéballs.  this game was really gross!  it was obviously just bobbing for apples, but i didn’t have a barrel so i used the kitchen sink.  the kids were really into the game, but they were spitting like crazy!   the kids really loved this one, and i’m glad that elliot insisted on playing it.
    -hot potato, played with a stuffed starly and to the music from the pokémon show.  you can buy the album here, but your kids will want to listen to it 24/7 and you may not be willing to go there.
    -twister, but instead of saying “right hand, red” i said “right hand, fire.”  and the other colours were pokémon types (green: grass, yellow: electricity, blue: water).
    -balloon stomp.  i know there’s a pokémon that has a stomping ability, but i can’t remember it.  i stuck a toy inside one balloon and the kids broke balloons until the winner found the toy.
  • prizes!  you can’t have competitive games without rewarding the winners.  we bought miniature pokémon figures to give to the winner of each game.  to keep it fair,  if a child won a second prize, they got to give one of their prizes to someone who had yet to win something.  everyone went away with something.  as soon as they won a prize, i stuck it in their goodie bag to avoid things getting lost.
  • goodie bags:  completely uninventive, but i bought them.  i ordered them just before the summer got crazy, and i’m glad that i did because there’s absolutely nothing pokémon in stores besides the cards!
  • food:  the party started in the evening, so the food was limited to dessert (and some un-themed sun chips when the kids seemed a little cranky at losing hot potato!).
    -staryu cookies.  star-shaped sugar cookies frosted with map-o-spread (i was out of time to make more frosting and really, sugar is sugar!), and topped with the top-side of a peach ring.   i just used scissors to cut them in half and it wasn’t too tricksy.  then i filled the centre with red frosting, and they were done.
    -cupcakes.  i used yellow & red cupcake liners, and frosted the tops.  to make them look like pokéballs, i started with a black circle and then the black stripes coming out from the circle to the edge.  i didn’t keep them perfectly centred or straight because i wanted each “ball” to look different and at different rotations… does that make sense?  after i had the black outline, i star-tipped the red onto the smallest half (because i had less of it) and then filled in the other half and the circle with white.  they weren’t very time-consuming at all, and the kids enjoyed them.
    -ice cream.  chocolate, not because it fit any pokémon theme, but because it’s eli’s favourite.
  • craft:
    -elliot loves crafts, so his party had to include them!  some of the kids weren’t so into it, but elliot and a few others were, so i don’t regret incorporating it, even though it wasn’t the most popular.  i basically gave the kids ovals of poster board, markers, tape, scissors, pencil crayons, and anything else they asked for.  they made their favourite pokémon characters.  a couple eye holes and a length of elastic thread later, and they had their own personalized pokémon masks to take home with the rest of their goodies.
i’m pretty sure that’s all of it.  even if it isn’t, i’m so done typing!  this might just be my longest post ever.  the internet was extremely useful in giving me inspiration and ideas for this party, so i’m happy to contribute my own ideas to the mix even if it makes my fingers fall off.  hope it helped someone!

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