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August 19, 2011 at 17:17 1 comment

before my summer got crazy, i determined to make wearable towels for my children and this beach season.   i’d already missed the boat last season, and wasn’t looking forward to another year of wishing i’d made time to accomplish my own goals.

originally, i was going to use this tutorial, but didn’t like it enough to actually DO it.  then i found this one, and there was no stopping me.   so even though i had already dismissed this project as done & gone,  my friend julie recently saw the robes in action and since i had to get the website to her anyway, i thought i might as well share with everyone.

i made one for elliot as well, but i don’t like it as much so i’m not sharing it!  it definitely works, it’s just not my favourite.  in the pattern, a “less fluffy” towel is recommended, and after making two robes, i’m going to second that recommendation.  i’m pretty sure that all of my nieces and nephews (except for the old ones!) are getting versions of this robe for christmas this year.

also something i forgot:

i made this dress for anne a while ago.  no pattern link for this brain child though, it was the product of a doodle on the whiteboard in my craft room.

there have been a few other creations that i churned out before i left home for the entire summer, but it’s been so long that i can hardly remember any of them!


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i’ve been gone so long, my memory foam forgot about me. how to plan a pokémon party

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