summery summary

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so here’s how it’s been lately:

summer started, and i lost control of life.

that would be an accurate summary, sans hyperbole.  we were in niagara, and then we were back home and then we were in london, and then we came home with two extra kids.  then we were in oshawa, but rarely home because we were at vbs, we were strawberry picking, at the movies, at the beach, biking, hiking, exploring and swimming for the whole of last week.   when friday afternoon hit and i realized that i’d been running on fumes and that everything i’d been working myself crazy for was over, i crashed for the most wonderful post-vbs-post-2-extra-kids-post-staying-up-too-late-every-single-night NAP OF MY LIFE.

then i woke up and threw a party.

and while i’ve been doing all of the above, i’ve been coping with the busy by staying up late to be creative.  i’ve sewn a dress for anne and finished off another one that i’d made last summer but was still too big for her.  i made a business card holder for my bestie, and i sewed an art portfolio (meant for long car rides) for my niece.  i’ve been retreating to my studio, but haven’t taken a single picture of anything that’s come out of it.  i’ve nearly finished knitting a sweater that i’ve been working on for a few weeks, but there will be no picture of it until it’s done (unless you stalk my ravelry).

what i DO have a picture of, is the lunchbox that elliot will be using this week to attend daycamp.  i should have done a before/after thing, but if you haven’t noticed the theme of NO PICTURES by now, there’s no help left for you in this world.

before: a neat canvas lunch box with a fancy bento-box interior, but lacking a certain flair.

after:  instagram photos proving that pokemon rule the world.

we bought fabric markers at michael’s with some sweet coupon help.  the pokeball was easy enough to freehand, but the piplup guy had too much stuff going on for me to trust myself with permanent marker on an unforgiving surface.

here’s a step-by-step, for those of you who have kids that need their stuff to look different from everyone else’s stuff:

  1. google your picture
  2. print it out the final size that you want it to be.  it doesn’t have to look good, it just needs to give you the right shape so don’t fret if it’s all pixely.
  3. place a cork trivet (or an empty cereal box or  an old styrofoam meat tray….)underneath the paper and use a thumbtack to poke holes along every line on the picture.  you’re making a stencil here.
  4. poke a fine-tipped sharpie into every hole in your stencil making sure that you don’t move your paper until each hole has been marked.
  5. when you remove the paper you just have to connect the dots, referencing your printed copy to make sure you don’t connect dots that shouldn’t be connected.
  6. wait a little while for the ink outline to dry, and then fill it in with fabric markers.  if the colours start to bleed like they did on mine, then blot the coloured surface with a paper towel.
  7. one final note:  i bought a fabric paint pen to do the white spots.
i’ve typed out a few paragraphs in an attempt to tidy up the ending of this post, but i can’t do it.  i’m tired, my house is a wreck and i know that i’ll be waking up to an alarm clock again tomorrow.  i have no energy for creative prose!   hopefully you’ll forgive me for that, and the lack of pictures, and for the lack of posts, and for the dirty diapers that i probably hid in your car when you came to visit me and i still had babies.

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best day ever that’s a lot of hair

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