best day ever

June 15, 2011 at 20:39 1 comment

today we went on a family hike.  derek wanted to check out a new biking location, elliot wanted to go exploring, and anne and i wanted adventure.  

along the way we hunted for pokémon, swatted mosquitos, and discussed what animals might be living in the forest.  we ran up and down the bike jumps, jumped over creeks, navigated mud pits and drank water in the shade of a tall pine.

i am constantly reminding elliot to enjoy the journey instead of just focussing on his goals.  the destination is guaranteed to be awesome, but the trip there can be equally so.  we achieved our goals of exploration and adventure, but it was the journey that enabled quiet times of conversation that led to happiness that made my heart nearly burst.

elliot and derek were deep in discussion about forest animals, so anne and i started our own conversation about forest animals that went something like this:

me:  “what animals do you think live in the forest?”
anne:  “reindeer.”
me:  “well, maybe just deer?”
anne:  “but santa has reindeer.”
me:  “yes, but santa’s not real.”
anne:  “yeah, some people think that he is, but not us!”
me:  “that’s right.  who is christmas really about?”

and that’s when it happened.

the conversation turned to Jesus, and how anne wanted Him inside her heart but she just didn’t know how to do it.  we’ve had conversations that got oh-so-close to anne being able to comprehend the gospel message in the past, but she would change subjects and lose interest just before the conversation got serious.  this time though; this time if felt right.  this time she was determined to get Jesus inside her heart before another second passed her by.  so she did.  then she ran after the boys (who had gone a bit ahead of us to pray together) and leapt into her daddy’s arms to declare the good news:

i feel blessed beyond expression to be able to say that this family as a whole, follows Jesus.


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