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i finished the 30 day shred yesterday, and did my final measurements and weigh-in today.  here are my thoughts on the matter:  i worked SO HARD!!  seriously, that is my first thought about the DVD.  coming in a close second, is the thought that it took 4 months at the gym to shed 11 of the extra pounds that i’d somehow picked up between summer and the end of the year.  in just 30 days (okay, 35 if you include skipped days) of “shredding”, i was able to lose 6 pounds, and 6 inches total off of my body.

gone are the days where i used to eat a bag of microwave popcorn for breakfast, and then fix myself a tray of brownies for lunch (and eat the whole thing).  this whole “working to stay small” thing really caught me off-guard at the beginning of 2011.  derek very gently explained it to me with “you’re not in your 20s anymore”  but i had no idea that getting older would play such a role in what my body does with the food i feed it.

after having babies, i ran and ran and ran until my knees quit on me, but not before i was back to pre-prego form.  when i found myself facing 15 extra pounds and no means of running them off, i seriously panicked.  not because i think that the outside is anywhere near as important as the inside, but because i was out of control and had no idea how to fix it.   my first course of action was to complain about it to derek.  then i complained to God, and asked for some help and He gave me the calmness that i needed and the self-control to not eat 6 freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

this morning when i weighed myself, i was HALF A POUND away from my goal weight.  a measly half pound!  and since january, i’ve lost 14.9 lbs.  instead of being frustrated that i could have worked just a tiny bit harder to get the nice round 15 or to have hit my goal weight, i was satisfied.  i know without a doubt that the satisfaction winning over the frustration is because God was involved in the whole affair.  plus, the “.5” and “.1” are great reminders that just because i’ve finished a program, i’m not finished with taking care of myself.

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