my school is better than your school

May 14, 2011 at 14:56 Leave a comment

we’ve been having beautiful weather lately, no?   it seems like spring lasted about 2 weeks and then fast-tracked straight to summer.  the kids and i have been altering our schedules to fit as much outdoor time in as possible.   we’ve flown kites, rollerbladed, and practiced practiced practiced riding bikes without training wheels.   elliot actually conquered the two-wheeler last week; so proud of him.

the weather forecast spelled doom and gloom for all eternity  when i glanced at it on friday morning.   so with the forecast telling me that there was only one day of sunshine left FOREVER, we polished off school work and made the most of the rest of our free time.

a backpack full of food and a half hour walk later, the kids and i found ourselves in one of our city’s most beautiful parks enjoying a picnic and the sunshine.

we ate, and then played for a long time at the playground, but it was the huge field of dandelions that held my kids’ attention.  this is the time of year when anne’s nose is permanently yellow from sniffing dandelions.  elliot loves to pick the flowers and shove them in his pockets which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but it’s definitely quirky.

today the sky is frozen in a permanent  dusk, and the air is thick with the suspense of rain.  there is a sharp contrast between the great outdoors that we enjoyed yesterday and the outdoors that we’re watching from our windows today.    and that makes me really extremely super thankful for the privilege of homeschooling, because i would have absolutely hated to have watched the sunshine from inside windows yesterday knowing that it was the last day to experience “summer” until summer really arrives.


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