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May 10, 2011 at 14:34 1 comment

about two months ago i stumbled across a blog that was promoting the website myjobcart.com  it sounded interesting, so i took a look and thought i’d try it out.  we’d done job charts with our kids before but usually when they wanted something specific and they weren’t willing to wait for christmas or birthdays.  the difference between myjobchart.com and the sticker chart on the fridge that we used to do, is that it functions more like a bank and as the kids find things that they’re interested in, i can add those items to their goals.

having a “bank account” has helped my kids learn that saving up for stuff takes time, and that the harder they work the faster they can achieve their goals.   i wouldn’t say that it’s the most “user-friendly” site out there, but once i’d tinkered around with it for a while it became familiar and easy to use.  i recommend checking it out, because like i said- it’s free.

one tip i do have if you decide to use it, is to print off a PDF version of the job charts and stick it to your fridge.  the kids highlight jobs that they’ve done, and at the end of the week i tally up the points instead of trying to log into the site at the end of each day.   once the kids have completed their jobs on saturday we take the completed job chart, sit down at the computer together and input the data.  then the kids spend several minutes in their “shop” dreaming about the toys that they’re so close to owning.

about 3 weeks ago the kids earned their first reward: *pillow pets.  they’d been longing for those toys for months and had finally saved up enough money to order them. (see the asterisk at the bottom for my thoughts on the pillow pets.  harumpf.)  today the pets arrived, and there was more excitement in our house than on all of our christmas mornings combined.  they screamed and jumped and screamed and squealed and bounced and practically exploded with enthusiasm!    they are so in love, and i am so in love with my kids learning the value of working, earning, saving, and rewarding.

*a warning about the pillow pets website:
SO unsatisfied with the company.  when i put the pillow pets on my kids job charts, i linked them to the pillows on amazon.com and thought that i’d just pay the exchange rate and it would be no big deal.  however the toys were unable to be shipped to canada when i finally went to order them.  whether that’s the fault of the pillow pets franchise or amazon or canada customs or whatever- i don’t care.  the thing i DO care about, is that when i ordered them directly off of the pillow pets website,  i was accosted with several pop-up windows asking me to buy more stuff, and am i sure i want to leave, and check out this free shipping site, and yadda yadda.    my email account also got spammed.   irritating strike #1.
then the next day i received an email that contradicted my initial receipt saying that “the product had been shipped and hey- we tacked on another $15 because you live in canada.”  it was definitely in the tiny fine print on the first receipt, so i didn’t have an argument, but it was very deviously done as the $13 “shipping and processing fee” that i’d already paid was what i thought i was paying for shipping, not in addition to their “oh by the way” tack-on.  irritating strike #2 (and really the one that had me removing any other pillow pets from the kids’ future goals in their job chart shop).
and irritating strike #3 is that they took SO long to get here! my poor kids earned those things, and every day started with the hope that their rewards would come, and every day ended with the disappointment that they didn’t come.  i checked out my confirmation email to try to find a tracking number, but the “find my order” feature on the pillow pets website was non-functional.  so i emailed them and asked them to track my order for me, and i received an email back from them (full of spelling mistakes, by the way- strike #4!) saying that they couldn’t find it either and that i just had to wait.
so yes, the pillow pets are very soft and the quality seems great, and my kids are really happy with them; but i’m so never buying another one of those things, and i thought it fair to warn any of my canadian readers about the hassle of trying to get one into your home.

so let’s remember the lesson of this post:  myjobchart.com–YES!! pillowpets.com–RUN AWAY!!


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  • 1. Jen Heemskerk  |  May 10, 2011 at 16:00

    Looks like Eli got a haircut?! And thanks for the advice on buying from the US…I had a similar situation…my sister bought the kids some T-shirts from Disney in the US and even paid for the shipping but when they arrived I was made to pay a fee (not customs) for their service. I called my sister up and was like “hey you just made me spend $20 of my allowance!” Not impressed at all!;-S
    Hopefully your little ones will enjoy those pillow pets for a long while so it was worth the extra hassles!;-D


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