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the last few weeks of beautiful weather have played a role in some great family time together.  i took advantage of a groupon to visit parkwood mansion last week after so many times of walking through the gardens and wondering what was through the windows of that big beautiful house.

our tour guide seemed… “new”, but the hour of walking through the house was still educational,  and i absolutely love to hear stories behind the people and places that have been before us.  i would have taken a million pictures and walked you through, room by room, but the second our tour guide saw my camera those plans were quashed.  apparently you can’t take photos inside a historical building.  i was in shock for sooo long after that revelation:  um… do you know who i am?  one of my huge reasons for wanting to see the interior of parkwood was to take pictures!  i did my best to let it go, but there were many instances where i asked the staff if the rule was still in effect “can i take pictures in the servants quarters?” “greenhouse?” “gift shop?”

apparently you can buy postcards to preserve your memories.  whatevs.  here’s the picture i got before the law enforcement shut me down:

i know i started off with saying that the beautiful weather propelled us towards family time, but parkwood day was actually a really rainy day, and a great way to spend our time together indoors.  later on in the week it got absolutely beautiful though, so derek and i decided that it was time to take the training wheels off of the kids’ bikes and turn them into rough tough bikers.

elliot didn’t like the idea so much, but he saw that we weren’t backing down, so he ran to his bedroom to get properly geared:

neither of the kids were miraculously excellent at 2 wheels, but they did a great job and i was encouraged that the training wheels were definitely not going back on.  a little more practice and those two will be hopping fallen trees with their daddy and joining him in the argument to turn our backyard into a dirt track.  without shin guards, even.

date night last week:

honestly, derek and i fail at dating.  we obviously like to spend time together, but when we’re presented with an opportunity for dedicated time with just that purpose, our conversations go like this:
“what do you want to do?”
“i dunno.  what do you want to do?”
“i don’t know.  i was trying to think of ideas yesterday.”
“i was trying to think of stuff too.”
and then it dies.  derek says something like “we’ll wing it” and i say “if you don’t plan for success then you plan for failure” and then we both sort of shrug our shoulders and change the subject.   when date time comes we do grocery shopping or run errands or whatever.  still spending time together without children demanding attention, but hopelessly uncreative.

not last week though!  oh no, last week i was a copy-cat.  a date-plagiarist.  last week i unashamedly presented an idea that i’d heard from one of my sisters:  buy ice cream, visit bulk barn for custom toppings.  go home and make sundaes.

ding ding DING!  winner!!  seriously, with a plan it was SO much better.   actually, if you’re reading this can you take a moment to suggest date ideas in the comments?  low-budget dates that don’t require paying a babysitter for a full day definitely take preference!

also last week i got to host one of our monthly sister knitting parties, and i took a total of ZERO pictures.  i think the parkwood lady ruined  my photo-taking mojo or something, because it’s so unlike me to not take photos of  the food (soup and bread theme) or of my sisters and mom or oh!!!!– the kids playing with their cousins!  i totally took a picture!  yay!

i took this picture the next morning.  sarah and her family spent the night, and the next day we took pictures of anne with her little cousin-clone naomi to check out their similarities.   what do you think– they could be sisters right?  there are so many baby pictures of anne that i could post beside pictures of naomi and it would be a challenge to know who was who.  or whom was whom?   um, which was anne and which was naomi.

so that’s last week in pictures.  i apologize for the crazy-all-over-the-place-can’t-compose-my-thoughts-in-an-organized-manner-blog-post.   i have no excuse beyond it’s late, i’m tired and i have jillian michaels on one shoulder and a chocolate easter bunny on the other and they’re both telling me to get off of the computer and make a decision about which shoulder apparition i’m going to listen to.


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