playing with my kids, and may.

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i committed to spend more time playing with my kids during the month of april, and it may have been both one of the easiest, and one of the most difficult self-bettering months that i’ve ever done.   easy because my kids are so awesome to spend time with, but difficult because it really required a lot of initiative and there were so many times when i thought “i just read 4 books to them (for school), i really want a break.”

sometimes i would take that break, but most times i would walk away from whatever i thought i wanted to do, and realize that hanging out with my kids was way more enjoyable than the thing they’d called me away from.

this month i got way better at reading, colouring, and at making voices for the dolls that i was playing with or the characters that i was reading about.  i learned the names of my future grandchildren.  i gave under-doggies.  i played touch tag, wrestled, and there were many, many dance parties.  we baked, made crafts, and perused the toy sections.  i became a better listener.   i said “yes” when i wanted to say “not this time” and i never once regretted it.

it was a good month.

for the month of may, i’m going to go back the healthy-way, and do the 30 day shred.  it’s a workout DVD put out by jillian from the biggest loser.  about 11 or 12 days ago my sister, desiree, started doing the routine and asked me to join her.  i did for about 5 days, but i was still going to the gym and was busy building ikea furniture and walking all over the city, so there was no opportunity for more exercise.

with the arrival of may and the gym membership put on hold for another summer, the time has come to see what pain i can put my body through.  it’s been a few months since healthy month, so it’s definitely due, and you know i like the idea of a 30 day challenge.

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