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April 28, 2011 at 11:19 1 comment

the theme of last week was totally “family & friends”.  i’m already super late with this post, so i’m just going to get straight to it:

wednesday was a super-pivotal day for team gilmore.  derek’s older brother kevin** (and sometimes his friend) have been staying with us for the last 2 years while he’s been at college.  last wednesday we celebrated not only the end of his college career, but also the milestone birthday of derek’s youngest brother, daniel.  elliot has 8 uncles, and his favourite by far is “uncle dan”.  my in-laws brought cake & pizza and we had a grand celebration while simultaneously emptying the top floor of our house.

immediately after the first party, we headed out to the francois’ house to celebrate dwayne’s birthday.  two parties in one day- totally my kind of week!   we had a lot of fun with friends, chicken wings and more yummy cake.  my kids were total champions and accommodated the late night really well by crashing at the francois house.  there was some initial resistance (party downstairs vs sleep) but i have to give my kids props because without their cooperation, we wouldn’t have been able to stay up way too late, eat too much food and discover fat booth (which became the app of the week and the source of many many laughs).  also going to give homeschooling props because without the great sleep-in the next day, the rest of the week would have been impossible.

and now props to God, because wow– i prayed that my homeschooled kids would have more time to play with their friends (y’know… social skills and comradery and all…) and last week was FULL!   tuesday through sunday- every day was full of play time and with minimal initiation on my part.   in the above pictures my kids are playing at the heemskerk house, which is one of their favourite places to be.  there’s anne colouring with her princess buddy alora, and then two of the kids in the awesome tree fort, and then the last one is of the heemskerk ladies attacking elliot on the trampoline.   the funniest thing was elliot’s casual conversation with rachel later on when they were having a snack together:  “so, rachel.  how many kids should we have?  we can have 2, 4, 10, or even 100!”  elliot been pretty convinced for the last 2 years that rachel will be his wife someday, even though we keep telling him that he’s too young to make those decisions.  there’s just no arguing with a gilmore boy, and to be honest i wouldn’t mind the union one bit.  y’know, in 20 or so years.

not only did we celebrate with the gilmores last week, but the kids and i were also able to head down to niagara on easter sunday and surprise my parents when we showed up at their church for sunday school.   that was a really long day for myself and the kids- we woke up at 5:30!  pretty crazy, but the 3 hours sleep deficit was worth it because we got to say goodbye to derek (he had to work) before leaving and we arrived in niagara with plenty of time to spare. the above picture shows most of those in attendance while we attempted to have a proper sit-down dinner all at one table.  there are about 5 people not in the shot, and of course melissa was out of province so she couldn’t make it either, but this is a pretty accurate glimpse of my chaotic lebrun family!   all of the cousins were under one roof though, and i love seeing them all play with each other now that they’re getting older.

so that’s my review of last week.  i know i summarized quite liberally, but i’ve been really busy cleaning the top floor, moving the rooms that had been stored in the basement back up to their normal rooms,  moving the kids into their own rooms from the shared space they had while we were a bigger family, and of course fitting in the usual stuff like baking/cooking/homeschooling/running errands/yard work/gym and bla bla bla.  there is never a shortage of excuses for being late!

**edit: kevin is derek’s younger brother, but daniel’s older.  whupps.


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elliot is: playing with my kids, and may.

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  • 1. Derek  |  April 29, 2011 at 08:35

    Kevin is not my older brother, he’s Dan’s older brother; in the interest of accuracy.


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