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since he first acquired cheetah about 5 years ago, the two have been inseparable.   somehow the two of them got through the phase where cheetah was his best friend, to the place where cheetah “just stopped being alive” and became a treasured toy.   when elliot’s clumsy little sister gets hurt and needs comforting, elliot will often run to his room to grab cheetah and lovingly place him in anne’s arms while she sobs, hoping that his favourite toy will bring comfort to her the way it has so many millions of times for him.  i am often the recipient of many random kisses or hugs, and when i ask “what was that for?” he squeezes tighter and replies “just to let you know that i love you”.  it’s totally a mother’s dream come true, and i’m so happy to be living it.


he probably spends a minimum of two hours each day drawing and colouring it in.  he seldom uses a colouring book, choosing instead to pull ideas from his head or to draw his favourite toys.  yesterday elliot even smuggled a pencil crayon out of the house so that he could finish a drawing that he’d been working on in the morning.  the boy is committed to his art! he’s also really funny- hence the tongue sticking out of his face!  he’s been reading smurf comics lately, saw a picture of someone working hard with his tongue sticking out, and since then has decided that if he’s working hard then he should show it with tongue.  here he’s working with this fake wood building set that derek’s parents got him for christmas.  he’s spent hours planning, sawing and building homes for his stuffed animals and even a desk to draw pictures on.  it’s been pretty enthralling to watch his projects go from ideas to tangible projects.

a book worm:

we go to the library twice a week, and each time we come home with about 40lbs of books.  this is especially awkward when we’re walking, but i carry that backpack because i LOVE that elliot loves books.  he was a very early reader, and there isn’t a book that he won’t read now as long as the content is enjoyable.  reading level?  uh…i dunno… is there an ‘incessant’ level?  when we go to costco and he finds a book, he sits down on the floor and the world disappears around him.  he finds books while we’re grocery shopping and plunks himself down on the nearest bottom shelf.   he reads books to his sister,  and reads quietly to himself for an hour each night before bed.   this boy is a total book-worm, and that is a quality that i really admire in him.  especially when he writes and illustrates his own books.

growing up:

i am constantly surprised by how much my elliot grows up each day.  towards the end of winter i put a movie on for the kids while i went outside to clear snow, and about 20 minutes into it, elliot appeared with his boots on to ask if he could make some popcorn to go with the movie.  i was too busy, but he insisted that he could do it on his own.  when i came inside a while later to check on the midgets, i found them sitting on the couch sharing a perfectly popped bag of popcorn.  it was a little thing, but an unexpected skill.  most of the time it’s just easier to do things for my kids instead of taking the time to let them sloppily head towards proficiency on their own, but every once in a while i step back and am amazed at what they can do.  from making popcorn to cutting up his own food to even completing job charts and earning money to buy his own toys, i am consistently in awe of how much further from ‘baby’ my baby boy travels each day.


my elliot is the sweetest squishiest little boy in the whole entire world, no bias opinion, of course.  he makes me equally happy and frustrated, overwhelmed and inadequate, pleased and disappointed, sometimes all within the same hour.  he goes through phases that make me want to punch walls and scream at the top of my lungs, but for every one of those stages there are 1,000 cherished and treasured phases that make me thank God for the kind and thoughtful boy that i’ve been given.


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  • 1. Jen Heemskerk  |  April 23, 2011 at 17:41

    I really enjoyed this post!! He really is such a sweet young chap!


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