this week in pictures

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this week was pretty fantastic!  every week flies by, but this week just seemed faster-er.  so happy that i make it my policy to keep a camera on me at all times, or i might not have any memory of the fun that was had this week.  let’s get to it, shall we?

monday night jen(n?) and i went to the theatre not to see that ridiculous prom movie. sorry about the questionable ‘n’ on the end of your name jen(n?), but i can’t recall if it’s one or two and i never write your name out!  they both sound the same though so it’s really a non-issue, right?  please?  ANYWAY… we saw soul surfer.  it was actually a really good movie, although i could hardly handle the suspense waiting for the “event” to happen.  trying not to post any spoilers in case someone out there actually doesn’t know what the movie is about.   go see it!    and while you’re there, stick your head in the cardboard cutout and take a picture.

on tuesday another friend jen(n?????) and i took the kids to a park that they haven’t been to in ages.  i have no idea where elliot gets all of his energy from, but the kids had walked for 2 hours already that day, then they walked another 20 to the park, played for a long time and then another 20 minutes back home and he was STILL bouncing off of the walls for the rest of the day!  he’s seriously out of control!

monday i ran errands all day, tuesday we had lots of stuff to do, so wed-friday were  completely committed to school work.   i was so thankful that we had rain to keep us indoors and focused, because it’s getting harder and harder to be disciplined when the sun is shining and calling us outdoors.

the last collection of pictures that i have to share with you was taken completely because the kids wanted me to.  they chose their poses and told me what aspects of the church they wanted to show in their shots.  “i want some stairs and the door as well”, “no mommy, i want to hold my apple core.”  “take a shot of me standing by the railing”, haha.. they’ve totally grown up with a camera in their faces.

also this week we attended a send-off party for my friend jaime who is on her way to be a missionary to the people of ireland for the next 2 years.  i took some pictures, but didn’t have the good camera and wasn’t satisfied with the low-light shots that the adventure-cam produced.  the kids had a really great time though and when elliot stood in line behind the lady at the open-mic and then took a turn to say a public farewell to jaime, my heart almost melted.   i believe he spoke for all of us gilmores when he cleared his throat into the mic and said “i just hope she has a good time.”

that’s how our week unfolded, how about yours?  i know a few of you readers are bloggers yourselves– how about an update for me!


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