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although the world was colourless and drab, spring was definitely in the air as we left the house this week with lighter jackets and the wonderful absence of snow pants and mittens.  we spent a lot of time outside, rolling down hills and walking to the library and leaving the beaten trail to enjoy more of the beautiful weather.

the air was warmer, but has yet to turn into the humid air of summer that my hands enjoy so much more than the moisture-sapping air we have all winter.   they’re pretty gross eh?  every year they get worse.  this particular injury happened when my fragile skin brushed my zipper while i was trying to find my wallet.  if i have 85-year-old woman hands now, i wonder what my hands will look like when i’m actually IN my 80s.

derek and i were able to have a short date while the kids were at their clubs.  dates are definitely a case for public school.  homeschooling gives us tons of time together as a family, but leaves less opportunity for derek and i to spend with just the two of us.  DQ turtles blizzard.  i’d do that again.

partway through the week, a flu bug came completely out of nowhere and smacked myself and the midgets pretty hard.  in between when elliot was just getting over it and i was about to get hit with it, i glanced outside and saw one of the most beautiful symbols of hope: leaf buds after a long winter.  this is the time of year when everything comes to life, and comes alive so quickly that the transition is easy to miss if you don’t look for it.  so yes we were stuck indoors for the last half of the week, but we were also treated to a spectacular début of the new season.

ps: apparently there’s no plural form of “midget”.  who knew?


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april already! this week in pictures

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