april already!

April 2, 2011 at 15:25 1 comment

last week i was at the library and when i signed out my stuff the librarian said “blablabla, movies are due april 4th”  and my eyes bugged out of my head and i blurted “april?!! really?  already!”  the poor librarian took a step back in shock at my enthusiastic blurt, but confirmed the fact that i have no concept of time.   so here we are, it’s april.

first order of business: i finished up my monthly self-bettering thing with kicking the habit of crossing my legs.  remember that my criteria had to be that it was simple, and something i could do even if i chopped a hand off or the plague re-visited my family.    i’ve been wanting to stop crossing my legs for years, actually.  i’m one of those people who hate having habits.  i don’t even like putting my socks on the same foot first each time, or developing a pattern of right foot one day, left foot the other.    it needs to be unpredictable, random and chaotic to fit into my life, i’m quirky that way.    at first it was difficult because my short legs left my feet dangling in some cases, and i didn’t want my posture to suffer, but it was just 2 weeks to finish off march, and by the end of it all i’d figured it out.  enthralling right?  yeah, you wish you were me.

so for april’s self-bettering thing, it should be another healthy month because i like to do those every 3 months, but i’m still actually counting the calories and stuff like i was in january. it’s like healthy month never ended- yay! that’s kind of the point of these month-at-a-time things-  trying to form habits by be disciplined for a measly month.  april’s official habit that i’ll try to form is to play with my kids every day.

i know i’m a homeschooler, so i see my kids all day every day; but after we’ve done our school work for the day, we tend to part ways and do our own thing or run errands or whatever.  for the last two days i’ve been playing more with the kids, and really enjoying it.  i thought that i would feel like i have no time to myself or that house work wasn’t getting done, but  there’s time for all of it and investing in the kids is always rewarding on it’s own.  we’ve always had dance parties, wrestled, and played spontaneously, but this month is INTENTIONAL play time with the kidlets every single day.

i’m off to play pokémon with elliot!  another post coming soon about making sushi, and there’s been a post brewing about elliot and his awesomeness for a long time.

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march break this week in pictures

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  • 1. playing with my kids, and may. « bononers  |  May 1, 2011 at 21:03

    […] i committed to spend more time playing with my kids during the month of april, and it may have been both one of the easiest, and one of the most difficult self-bettering months that i’ve ever done.   easy because my kids are so awesome to spend time with, but difficult because it really required a lot of initiative and there were so many times when i thought “i just read 4 books to them (for school), i really want a break.” […]


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