easier #3

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like most things that truly simplify ones life, this next item is extremely basic.   so basic that there will be no accompanying pictures, and there are no adjectives to make it more grandiose than it is. ladies and gentleman, allow me to introduce:

the car snack bin.
take an empty (and clean) margarine container,  add snack food,  put it in your car.  consume on days when you’re running errands and feel like pulling into a fast-food drive through is the only thing that will see you and your kids accomplishing the to-do list.    i can’t really describe it more than that, but i’ll give you a list of some things that i like to keep in our snack bin, just so you don’t feel ripped off by my blog:

  • granola bars (avoiding the dipped ones in the summer)
  • fruit-to-go & fruit source bars
  • Ritz cheese & cracker mini sandwiches
  • basically anything that you would buy for your kids’ snacks at school

i also keep some juice boxes in the van, but that’s a seasonal thing- hot juice or frozen juice doesn’t go over so well.  we usually just try to bring our water bottles with us whenever we go out.

on tuesday derek and i were out and about and he ran into walmart to replace his broken sunglasses.  the kids and i stayed in the van and had a picnic.  no whining about waiting, and no whining later on down the road when were were still driving around and they would have been hungry.  plus we didn’t have to go into walmart and fall victim to their clever product-placement.

the car snack bin saves us money, time, and my sanity.  hopefully it’ll conserve some of that stuff for you as well.  feel free to leave snack ideas in the comments!


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