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March 10, 2011 at 23:00 2 comments

so you know how i’m trying to be all self-disciplined for a month and do the fly lady routine?
like seriously, loathe and detest it.  i’ve gone through chocolate-free months and i’d way rather do that than what the fly lady wants me to do.  i totally abandoned her, and so i blame her for my failure.  she’s really not getting any points from me.

aside from how much i abhor getting the fly lady emails (even though i only get one a day now after a few fancy filters were applied to my gmail account), my kids have been sick since the beginning of the month.  basically since we went to great wolf lodge, they’ve been trading one sickness for another and then trading with each other.  so i’ve been trying to keep up with my self-prescribed daily routine but it’s been quite the challenge to get anything extra done around the house.

and aside from ALL THAT! i burned my hand with stove-cleaning chemicals and have been walking around with only a left hand for the last 3 days.  in fact, this is the first day that i can actually handle typing without agony shooting through my fingers.

to take this picture i had to wrap the camera strap around my neck several times and then reach across my body to press the trigger with my left hand.   (also while i was taking the picture my mom phoned me and i nearly strangled myself trying to talk on the phone and remove the strap from my neck at the same time).   my hand transformed into a 90 year-old woman’s wrinkly crusty appendage and the tips of my fingers were eaten away by chemical.  my index finger and thumb lost all sensory perception and pits of open oozy skin formed just under the nails.    don’t bother asking which stove cleaner it was, because i don’t know.  it was given to me by my mom who got it from my uncle roly who sells used appliances and it’s the magic goo that he uses to clean things up for resale.  it resides in a vintage cheese whiz jar with a hand-written warning to wear gloves on it.  i didn’t, and i’m a bone head.

so i’m officially quitting fly lady month.  i stuck to the morning and evening routines, organized several cupboards, cleaned out my van,  decluttered a few rooms, closets, storage areas and i feel like i’ve accomplished enough and i’m ready to move on to something that’ll make me feel successful.   any suggestions for what i should do for the rest of march?  i was thinking of something über-simple that won’t flop if my kids get sick or if i lose another hand- maybe sit-ups every day?

one of the positive things that came from the ordeal of last month, was that i found food in my cupboards that had been awaiting its intended purpose for months (and maybe longer, to be honest).  one of those things was a can of pumpkin purée.  i’m pretty sure i bought it because once julie made a pumpkin roll of some sort and i liked it. that would be when jules still lived in the same region as me- say 4 years ago?  5?   oh.. yeah, didn’t really realize that it had been that long until i typed it out.  canned stuff doesn’t go bad right?  ahem.

just gonna go with the assumption that that stuff doesn’t go bad and press ahead here.  tonight i had to cancel on youth group again because elliot was telling me that his stomach was really sore and that he might puke (but strangely enough he was able to eat a full supper and polish off one of the most amazing brownies ever– please click that link!), so i stayed home and baked.

funny how i got to this tangent because of the canned pumpkin, but you can’t really see it’s fruit in the photo– i apparently inhaled stove-cleaner fumes as well.  anywho… the speckled muffins behind the bread are pumpkin chocolate chip.  the smaller blurrier ones are oatmeal chocolate chip, and what you can’t see is a bag of pumpkin pancake batter to be cooked up for breakfast tomorrow morning.  remember my plug for allrecipes in my last post?  all of those links point to recipes from there.

the bread is amish white bread, and i never make white bread!   part of me is hoping that it tastes great and is thankful for my inability to find whole wheat flour anywhere, and another [much smaller] part of me is hoping that it tastes awful and i’ll thankfully go back to my healthy bread when this stuff is all used up.  i can’t actually vouch for the tastiness of any of these baked goods because i’ve got a tray of those awesome brownies that are demanding all of my mouth’s attention; but everything smelled good and the important thing is that i’ve got 80% of the use of my dominant hand back, the can of pumpkin purée is used up, and i’m done fly lady month!




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  • 1. erin  |  March 11, 2011 at 08:06

    I love your post. A rant on a blog always feels good, doesn’t it.
    The Amish white bread looks delicious. I’m betting it was.
    I’ll be making those brownies next week when we get home from Huntsville. I’ll salute MBC for both of us.
    For the rest of March, why don’t you just do “floss your teeth and your kids floss their teeth every day” — unless you already do. It’s simple, hygenic, and can be done with one hand if you buy the fun plastic flossers. :)

  • 2. april already! « bononers  |  April 2, 2011 at 15:26

    […] up my monthly self-bettering thing with kicking the habit of crossing my legs.  remember that my criteria had to be that it was simple, and something i could do even if i chopped a hand off or the plague […]


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