how we do sick

February 24, 2011 at 17:25 2 comments

this post is kind of for derek, kind of for everyone else.  for derek because he’s going to be left alone with sick kids this weekend while i’m off at snow camp with our sr. high youth group.  for everyone else, because everybody has sick kids right now.  here are the tools that successfully get us through:

i cover the section of couch or chair that the sick child is going to be living on for the next couple of days with an old plastic mattress cover that i save just for this purpose.  a vinyl tablecloth will also work.  i cover the hard plastic with an easy to wash blanket, and that’s where the kid camps until threat of barf has passed.

i don’t mess when it comes to vomit.  it’s not only messy and the bane of my existence, it also spreads germs and shares the sickness with anyone close enough to breathe the same air it shares.   gravol comes in many forms.  if one way doesn’t work, then try another form.  when my kids are sick my primary goal is to minimize the amount of time that they are without food in their bodies, so if i can get them to stop puking long enough to replace some vital nutrients, i’ll go there.

do i really need to explain the need for lysol wipes?  today anne was sitting on my lap and we were eating lunch together, when suddenly she vomited all over us, my soup, the table, the floor, and the chair.  it was a good splatter range.  changing clothes was easy and cleaning up puddles is pretty old-hat.  but getting rid of the germs is key, and when i’m juggling a sick kid and wearing her sick, i need an easy way to obliterate those germs, STAT.  (also, i feel that i should add- wipe out the laundry basket that was full of puke stuff with one of these!)

i used to buy the bottles of pedialyte (or a generic brand of the same stuff), but it was expensive and there were many times when i needed it on-hand, but it wasn’t available because the stuff i’d stocked up on had passed its expiry date– aka wasted my money.  i stumbled across these pedialyte freezies at shoppers one day and the brightness of the lightbulb above my head nearly blinded me.   i have them on hand when i need them and the kids love the idea of “special freezies”.  when the sickness first strikes and it’s impossible to get them to eat anything, i dissolve one of  these in a glass of water and the kids sip it whenever possible.

once the kids are have been puke-free for a while and have eaten a freezer pop or two (i actually always serve them in halves) then i’ll attempt to let them eat a baby mum-mum.  yeah yeah, my kids are 5 & 6 and i still give them baby food.  the reason being that it breaks down super-quickly and their bodies absorb the nutrients before they can be puked up.  it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that it’s so fun to say.  not at all.  mum-mum.

from there it’s pretty basic.  kept down the baby food?  great, let’s move on to a bowl of dry cheerios.  then on to diluted real juice (ahem, that would be sunrype juice– not minute maid).  from there they can rejoin civilization and you can lysol wipe the plastic sheet and put it away until next time.  which will hopefully be a very long time from now.

derek once told me that if he had to solo-parent the kids for a weekend and there was vomit involved, he would make the kids live in the bathtub and every once in a while, turn the shower on.  what about you?  what tips do you guys have to share with the rest of us?  maybe we can compile a list that will help all of us (and derek) through this delightful cold and flu season.


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  • 1. Julie  |  February 24, 2011 at 20:20

    We have these sandpails that have Dora and Diego on them, and they get carried everywhere while said child needs to throw up so I can catch it in the bucket. Really, they are good about not getting it everywhere, but I remember when B went through her carsick stage and would throw up every time we got in a car, I would carry empty disposable coffee cups that I had rinsed and let her toss her cookies in that and then I’d just stop at the next drive-thru and toss the cup, and get a new coffee for me (you know, so she’d have another one!!).

  • 2. erin  |  February 25, 2011 at 12:26

    Three cheers for Lysol wipes! How did our mothers ever parent properly without them?? When we’re sick, we wipe door knobs, light switches, counters, floors, toilets, barf buckets etc. with them.

    Even cheaper than Pedialyte is clear Gatorade. Clear is best because if they vomit it up, there is no big purple stain on the carpet.

    Having the “barfs” in the house is the worst. We all had it (well, 6 out of 7 of us) three weekends ago and it was pretty bad. But certainly made simpler with personal barf buckets, Lysol wipes, Gatorade, freezies and rolls of papertowel.

    Thanks for sharing!!


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