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February 21, 2011 at 13:29 1 comment

i’ve been thinking about making a new weekly installment on my blog.  no idea how long it’ll run, but i’ve got a lot of ideas for this one.  voilà:

without a doubt, the first device that makes my life easier, is a crockpot.  i use it 3 or 4 times a week and it not only saves me time, it saves me money.  i find that dinner time comes at probably the busiest time of the day, and i either don’t have the time, the energy, or the resources to make supper on time.    when evening sets in and the rest of the world is thinking about supper, i’m taking a much-needed break from homeschooling, cleaning, whatever and enjoying the fact that supper is cooking itself.   i even use my crockpot in the summer to keep my house cool, by plugging the appliance into an outdoor outlet and hiding it inside my barbecue to protect my supper.    using my crockpot stops me from ordering in, and from running to the grocery store where i never pick up “just what i need for supper.”

pretty great tool eh?  i’m sure you all have a slowcooking device hidden somewhere, so i’ll share the recipe that’s got all of my facebook friends in a craze lately, and hopefully you’ll start letting this little tool make your life easier as well.

(disclaimer:  this recipe is not my own, it was given to me by a crockpot-loving friend)


INSTANT chocolate pudding
cake mix and the ingredients on the back of the cake box

spray your 4-quart crockpot with cooking spray.  empty the pudding mix into the crock and whisk in the required milk (it’ll say how much on the back of your pudding package, i used a 4-serving package and 2 cups of milk).
mix up your cake batter according to the package directions, and then CAREFULLY pour it over the pudding, being cautious not to mix it.  don’t stir!
you may want to spray the lid before shutting up your crockpot, my cake rose quite a bit.  set the dial to HIGH for 1.5 hours.  the cake is done when it no longer jiggles and you can insert a knife into the middle without goo sticking to it.

a word about crockpots:  they’re all different.  my crockpot cooks hot, and the 1.5 hours was the perfect amount of time.   the first time you make this cake, make sure you give yourself enough time to allow for those differences.   the cake is great hot or cold, and you will definitely want to make this one again and again and again!


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muffins! how we do sick

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  • 1. Jennifer Heemskerk  |  February 21, 2011 at 13:46

    bring on more recipes please…i love crock pot cooking- using mine right now…but i need other recipes (no soups/chilis please)


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