February 16, 2011 at 21:44 2 comments

a few weeks ago i needed to make muffins for derek to take to work, but my kitchen was littered with dishes to do, and i didn’t have time to tend to both.  so in a fit of lazy (or some may say a stroke of genius) i invented a way to make muffins that didn’t add to my counter-full of dishes.  my sisters have successfully used this method, and i’ve used it again since it’s inception, so now i will pass it along to you.

all you need is a quality large freezer bag, cupcake liners, a muffin pan and whatever your  muffin recipe calls for.   don’t even think about pulling out the kitchen-aid stand mixer–  you don’t need it or the dirty dishes it creates.

the first time i made these i threw an overripe banana into the freezer bag and squished it with my hands.  then i added the egg, water and bran muffin mix before sealing up the bag and mutilating the contents.  this is why you need a quality freezer bag- who wants squishy batter oozing through their fingers when they least expect it?  the kids love this step, fyi.

when everything is mixed, snip a corner off of the freezer bag and just squeeze the batter into the paper-lined pan.  slide the pan in the oven, throw the bag in the garbage and laugh maniacally at your kitchen sink.

the second time i used this technique was for cornmeal muffins from scratch (to go with yummy chili!) and it didn’t matter: from scratch or a mix, they turned out just the way they always had in the past with an electic mixer.   what’s that saying?  necessity is the mother of all invention?  i’m not going to google it, so don’t correct me if i’m wrong.  that Necessity, she’s a good woman.


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  • 1. Kristi-Anna  |  February 16, 2011 at 22:37

    Love it! But I’m too frugal to cut the corner off a quality freezer bag and throw it out! LOL!

  • 2. Carol  |  February 17, 2011 at 15:06

    Great idea!!!


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