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February 15, 2011 at 14:57 1 comment

response was pretty good for the “fly lady month” idea, but not surprisingly we were all pretty united on the loathing multiple emails front.  i think i was up to 12 emails today when i unsubscribed from her mailing list.

some asked that i post a simplified list each day, and i’m cool with that, so long as madame fly doesn’t think i’m trying to rip off her ideas.  full credit given here:  i’m posting fly lady stuff.

so.  morning routine, joan twist:

  • first thing, make time for God here.  praying, reading bible, whatever.  i do it in bed because once i’m up, chances are slim to none that this will get done or won’t be quality if it does.
  • change out of PJs, make bed.
  • check calendar.
  • know what’s for supper.
  • clean bathroom.
  • feed family

FL has more stuff here, but i homeschool so i do laundry and such as lulls in school permit.  it’s better for me that way than  one after the other.

during the day:

  • set a timer for 15 minutes and declutter/organise something.  today i did my food cupboard.  long time coming.
  • she has specific stuff for during the day, each day.  i think today’s is “declutter the right side of your computer desk” and “scrub the doorknobs and switch plates in your bathroom”. if you’re interested in me passing the dailys along, let me know and i’ll inbox those to you on facebook.  i’m not going to publish it to my blog each day =P

before bed:

  • make sure i’m waking up to a clean house so i’m not distracted the next day.
  • lay out clothes for the next day.
  • go to bed at a normal-person hour.

another thing that i’m trying to do is get my kids into the routine as well.  mostly just having them make their beds and get dressed while i’m doing the bathroom etc.

that’s a more detailed account of what this month of self-discipline involves for me.  again, let me know if you want the facebook emails and i’ll hook you up.


Entry filed under: one month at a time.

quotation marks abound muffins!

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    […] you know how i’m trying to be all self-disciplined for a month and do the fly lady routine? I HATE IT. like seriously, loathe and detest it.  i’ve gone through chocolate-free months […]


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