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February 14, 2011 at 17:08 1 comment

i’ve been thinking about my next “month” thing that i wanted to do, now that healthy month is over.  one friend (i don’t remember which one of you suggested this, but you’re awesome) gave me the idea of going the complete opposite way with un-healthy month.  if health wasn’t a relevant factor, i would totally do that one!

lately i’ve noticed that all of my pre-september-school-chaos organisation has gone the way of the crazy, and i’m not happy with that.  i toyed with “go to bed with a clean house” month, and “organise for 15 minutes each day” month, and various other renditions, but i think that i need to go even more basic than that.

a while ago my friend kristi-anna referred to “the fly lady” on her blog, and curiously i investigated what in the world that was.  the website is horrible, but the principles on the site are really helpful.  stuff like “get dressed when you wake up” instead of staying your super comfy pyjama pants all the live long day.  and “set your timer for 15 minutes and clean ____ room”.  just helpful nudges to send you/me in the right direction.

i’ve tried this before, and learned that i have to sift through some stuff to make it more personal.  like i’m going to get dressed each morning, but not in shoes.  i think americans do that, of which i am not one.   and i’m not going to “shine my sink” each night, although i’ll make sure the dishes are done.  just little alterations, if you will.

there’s a 31 day habit forming thing here, and i signed up for the daily emails that will give me assignments each day (for example: today we’re going to organize the cutlery drawer).  if you’d like to join me, this monthly adventure starts tomorrow: february 15th and goes until whenever the 31 days are over in march.

i’m actually NOT looking forward to this self-bettering month.  i look at cleaning as a necessary evil, and if audiobooks and ipods had never been invented, i’d still be shoving my dirty dishes into the oven, sweeping under the area rugs, and i’d probably have progressed to paper dishes and a roomba.    i’m not even looking forward to hitting “publish” on this post, because that locks me in to this goal that pales soooo much in comparison to junk food month.

maybe i’ll buy a big ol’ bag of gummi bears to help me through each task.


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derek was right faux lady

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    […] response was pretty good for the “fly lady month” idea, but not surprisingly we were all pretty united on the loathing multiple emails front. […]


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