the week before christmas

December 24, 2010 at 19:05 2 comments

this past week has gone by so quickly, and i suspect that it is the same for every other mother in north america.  we’ve been busy getting ready for christmas and enjoying the chaos along the way.  here are some highlights:

tuesday elliot and i had follow-up eye doctor appointments that involved a double-dose of high-potency drops to be dribbled into our eyes and rendering us somewhat blind.  elliot’s wore off fairly quickly, but mine lasted 36 hours, approximately.  it was rather boring to not be able to read, but i had a bunch of people that livened things up for me.  kirsten came over tuesday afternoon to spoil/shower my children with gifts and also brought her kitten for elliot to play with.  he’s so obsessed with cats!

and that night jane, ruth, and vanessa came over for our sort of annual fondue party.  we ate too much, played dutch blitz (my vision came back enough to make out the number shapes, and i sort of “augmented the rules” to make it a bit more enjoyable… ahem…).  i watched the girls practice kungjitsu with ruth and then happily closed my very tired eyes that night.

here’s a picture of my extremely dilated pupils, about 12 hours after the drops did their business:

during the mid-week we baked cookies, and spent a day walking to the mall, shopping, and visiting with friends.  i abhor shopping, but loved watching the kids pick out gifts for each other and teaching them to be sneaky about it so that the other sibling didn’t notice.  i may have actually paid for a penguin hat with my visa and my back to the cashier.  she was an excellent co-conspirator.  hands down, the best part of this week was witnessing the enthusiasm with which my kids gave to one another, our neighbours, and even the mail carrier.  elliot actually ran out the front door to stall the mail lady so that she wouldn’t miss her package of sugar cookies and the snowman that elliot drew (which she promised to put on her fridge, much to the delight of my tiny artist).

and finally, the last piece of this update.  despite my best efforts, anne is a princess.  we were baking together last week and she disclosed to me that she wished she was a princess.  i was somewhat shocked, because she has refused to wear dresses for the last several months, and had recently given them all away.  through our conversation i learned that she actually wanted a princess dress.  floofy, fancy, pretty, and girly.  MY anne, wants to be a princess.  my sister sarah (aka: aunt princess), was completely thrilled by this turn of events and actually bought anne the costume from Tangled, the movie that we were scheduled to go to today with anne’s friend isabelle.  yeah… not really sure how i feel about all of this, but i’m not going to tell my girl how to dress or what to like- that kind of falls into the “abuse of power” category for me.  so i’ll endure this phase with as much support as i can, and hope hope HOPE that she grows out of it quickly!  i’m not qualified to be the mom of a princess!

rant over.

so we saw the movie Tangled today.  thoroughly enjoyed it, and plan to snag that when it comes out on video sometime in the new year.  a trip to the cinema was a great way to spend christmas eve, and elliot and derek joined us, but sat several rows away so as not to interfere with our girl time.  and!  miracle of christmas miracles!  (that may be a bit of a dramatic reaction…)  i got a picture of anne and isabelle smiling at the same time!


rachel and i had our baby girls just a few days apart and have been taking annual pictures of these girls since they were in the hospital together.  in every picture (except the first) one of the girls is grimacing, blinking, or looking completely not at the camera.  i’m sure that when we try to do the birthday picture it’ll be more of the same, but this photo gives me hope!

so that’s this past week in a nutshell.  hope that everyone else out there was able to take some quality time with their families and enjoy one another’s company!  our families are really one the most precious gifts that God has given us.  not to mention THE most precious gift, and the reason for all of this wonderful and chaotic season, Jesus Christ.

merry christmas to all of you!  or as my little spanish girl would say: “police have-ee-nat”!


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masterpiece here we go again!

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  • 1. Julie  |  December 25, 2010 at 13:48

    The picture of Anne watching the movie? Priceless! And I like what you said about abusing your power as Mom by forcing your values on your kids. Easy to say to a harmless phase, but where to draw the line?
    Merry Christmas Joan!


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